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How To Write A Fashion Press Release

A well-written and curated press release is a sure way to get into the inboxes of key fashion editors. If executed well, it may secure you much desired editorial coverage and publicity.
Fashion PR

Getting Trade Press for Your Fashion Business

The editor of U Magazine attended a talk at last week’s International Jewellery London show, on the ways in which fashion brands and designers could work effectively with the trade press.

How to Launch Your Fashion Brand According to Your Niche (Part 2)

To launch a fashion brand to a specific niche of customers or market is an age-old tested recipe for business success. In these 3...

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Welcome to the Fashion Insiders Blog Welcome to the Fashion Insiders Blog - One stop education and support platform for fashion entrepreneurs and brands looking...
connect with retail buyers

How to Best Connect with Retail Buyers and Stay in Touch?

One of the hardest things for a fashion brand is to know how to connect with retail buyers and stay in touch with them continuously.
double double business book camerol herold

“Double Double” by Cameron Herold

"Double Double" by Cameron Herold is a business book full of 'unexpected' lessons. The premise behind it, that if you followed the basic teaching of it, you will double your business in three years.

Top Tips for Showing your Brand at the Fashion Trade Show

Fashion trade shows are a great opportunity for a new designer brand to announce its arrival on the fashion scene. For those more established, exhibiting at trade shows is just another way to access new national and international buyers.

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Welcome to the Fashion Insiders Blog Welcome to the Fashion Insiders Blog - One stop education and support platform for fashion entrepreneurs and brands looking...

PR for Creatives: Excel at doing your own PR with style and on a...

Building awareness of your brand through being featured in the press is essential for the growth of your business.

The Power of Fashion Collaboration

The landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratized, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces designed in collaboration with another brand or person has proven to be extraordinarily lucrative.
utelier - design and product development - fashion start-ups

Design and Product Development

It is no secret that the fashion industry is predominantly a product-based industry. Success is often underpinned by great design, strong product and well-structured collections. Learn how to translate your ideas correctly into the products that you want.

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook

Social media is huge, and arguably one of the biggest changes in the last decade to how we communicate. Utilised correctly, social media can translate into effective and free PR for your brand.
Utelier Blog - Top 10 Tips for Successful PR

Top 10 Tips for Successful PR: Part One

There are many prerequisites in the recipe for success but one of the main ingredients is PR. While the world of press has also evolved and changed, few things however still remain relevant and necessary to do, in order to garner attention. Here is our top tips

ASOS – As Seen on Success

Nick Robertson the CEO of ASOS, the world-renowned online fashion retailer for twenty-somethings, describes his journey of becoming the second largest online retailer on the planet as being 'luck at every junction'.
apple vegan leather

Vegan Leather vs Real Animal Leather: the race towards sustainable fashion

Vegan Leather or Real Animal Leather? Sustainability and making fashion more responsible and better for the planet have been on the global environmental agenda...
fashion design competition next in fashion netflix minju kim

7 Great Lessons from the Next In Fashion on Netflix series

The end of January saw the release of a new fashion competition TV show series - Next In Fashion on Netflix. The premise of the...

Top 5 Reasons Why Not to Discount Your Fashion Brand Products

The 2008 global recession has a lot to answer for. Aside from so many fashion brands and retailers closing doors and filing for bankruptcy,...
printing techniques

6 Most Widely Used Garment Printing Techniques

Were you aware that there are six, yes six popular methods presently used to transfer coloured patterns onto cloth? No, neither did I. With so...

The One Thing by Gary Keller

The One Thing by Gary Keller is an insightful book about eliminating what you want less and including what you want more. The One Thing reaches to a near about perfection in delivering what it promises - mastering ONE THING.
fashion design process

Part 2: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to First Sketch

Wanting to launch your own fashion brand is on the wish list of many fashionistas. While many dream about it, only a few get to see their idea realised on paper. The fashion design process takes time and what may have seemed like a simple idea at the start turns into Pandora's box.

5 No-Brainer Tips to Increase Brand Value

People buy most products, especially luxury goods because of branding. This one, short, two-syllable word is vital for successful fashion businesses.

“Made in Britain” – to be or not to be?

With Brexit looming over us and the louder voiced opinions and encouragements to keep as much as possible "Made in Britain", we look at what that means.
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