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Ask Dessy Tsolova, CEO Fashion Insiders & Co., anything about fashion business basics, manufacturing, sampling, marketing and production. Use #AskDessy to ask.

fashion brand first step

What Should be Your First Step to Start a Fashion Brand?

Have an idea and don't know what to do with it, where to begin and what is important to know? Read the answer below
how to finance a fashion business

How to Finance a Fashion Business?

Knowing how to finance a fashion business is one of the essential requirements for staying in business. Read our 5 top tips on how to find funds for your fashion idea.
connect with retail buyers

How to Best Connect with Retail Buyers and Stay in Touch?

One of the hardest things for a fashion brand is to know how to connect with retail buyers and stay in touch with them continuously.
communicate your designs

I Can’t Sketch! How Can I Communicate My Ideas on Paper?

You don't have to be Karl Lagerfeld to launch your brand. Learning how to communicate your designs and draw is just a skill that, with practice, can be acquired and improved on.

Where Should I Make My First Proto Sample?

A beginner or an experienced professional, everyone needs to know the best way to make their first proto sample.

Should I Have a Pattern Ready Before I Contact a Factory?

If you are a beginner, how will you create your pattern before even fixing a factory in the first place? Read to know how.
fabric sourcing best tips

Fabric Sourcing Everything Before Contacting A Factory?

Fabric sourcing raw materials in advance of manufacturing is an essential part of the development process. Let's find out which is more advantageous - fabric sourcing yourself or asking the factory for support.
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