Two-hour masterclass led by an industry expert to be hosted on 27.04.2017

About this class 

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Having a business on the home ground may be enough for some, but many set their sights higher. One of the countries many businessmen aim to target is China. With a population of 1.3 billion, China is the second largest economy and is increasingly playing an important and influential role in the development and in the global economy.

But aside from China being a completely different country not just geographically but also culturally, another challenge most business people face is the power of the millennial consumer. They are the real consumers with spending power who are not easily influenced by preaching to them. 

Many brands, however, have not grasped how to communicate with this desirable new consumer. They overlook the basic cultural differences and etiquette and underestimate the power and importance of social media has in China and how vastly different it is from what we know Social media to be in Europe and USA.

Masterclass Outline

This talk will cover the basics of working with Chinese businesses, an overview of the social media landscape, cultural differences and etiquette as well as real-life cases of businesses who have launched successfully.

Topics covers will be:

  • Introduction to Chinese Business Etiquette 
  • Chinese Social Media for Business 
  • Case Studies of Western Fashion brands in China (with positive and negative outcome)
  • Do’s and Don’ts when working with Chinese clients/suppliers. 
  • Brands: How to market your business in china – platforms available for foreigners
  • How to negotiate with Chinese businesses 
  • Where to start – how to find the right suppliers

Who is it for?

– You have a brand/business that you would like to launch in China but don’t know where to start.

– You have taken steps into researching the Chinese market but there are many gaps in your knowledge.

– You have tried to do business or launch your brand in China but struggling to make inroads

– You hear people talk about social media in China and how ahead of us here in Europe they are, but you have no idea what that means

– You have found a factory but dealing with them is painful and open to errors and you just don’t know what you are doing wrong.

– You are new to the business and would like to know more about China and market there.

– You are already in business and looking to scale up but not sure how to do that – find a new factory, negotiate terms and prices


You will leave this talk with new insider knowledge about the Chinese market and with some ideas of how to approach it, should you wish to introduce your brand there.


No previous knowledge is required, but if you do have some experiences and challenges that you want to discuss, you will benefit more.

To buy tickets and attend the event, follow the link here.

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