Qiviut Fibre

Qiviut & Co – the birth of a new luxury category

Discovering Qiviut & Co So - a new brand, yet to be discovered, over-exposed and over-commercialised, feels strange and special, both at the same time.

5 minutes with Deborah Todd from ZAAZEE

ZAAZEE is an award-winning British women's sportswear brand. Founded by Deborah Todd - a bubbly and buzzing "force of nature" kind of a woman, the brand is focused on creating stylish feminine designs that feel good while you exercise. 

The Whale Company: Ethical Fashion in Practice

The Whale Company is an ethical brand making sustainable products for a mindful lifestyle. They make organic cotton bags and recycled tyre flip flops, and they pledge that 5% of their profits will go to support marine conservation. The founder of The Whale company, Carolyn Newton explained to Utelier what it is like to run an ethical fashion brand.
Utelier - Elie Tahari - Behind the Brand

The Elie Tahari Story

The inspirational designer Elie Tahari spoke at Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology last night, providing motivational advice for students with similar career goals and answering questions about how he made his way in the fashion industry.
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