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Meet the designers of yesteryears, get your inspiration from fashion films, fashion archives, magazines, fashion moodboard and storyboards.

mercury retrograde good for business

Make mercury retrograde the COO of your fashion business

Have you heard people blame all their troubles on Mercury retrograde? I used to think it was just a phrase people used until I looked into it a little more and learnt there was...

“Who Made My Clothes” Movement – How it All Began

Who Made My Clothes Movement was [and still is] a powerful event in the history of fashion. It compelled various brands, designers and the industry to think about the repercussions of their actions.

The Couture of the Present and Future: How it is Surviving

In the past, we have covered haute couture designers through the ages: 1900's-1950's. In this post, we will cover the present day haute couture designers, how it is surviving, who is buying it and how it has changed.

Haute Couture Designers Through The Ages: The 1930’s-50’s (Part 2)

The "couture" of the past - what it means - history and origins, who did it, who bought it, couture techniques that make couture - couture. Here we talk about the period 1930s-50s part 2

Haute Couture Designers Through The Ages: The 1930’s-50’s (Part 1)

The "couture" of the past - what it means - history and origins, who did it, who bought it, couture techniques that make couture - couture. Here we talk about the period 1930s-50s.

Sprezzatura: Not Just a Fashion Style, But a State of Mind.

Sprezzatura is an effortless dress and lifestyle movement that doesn't require you to liquidate your stocks so you can invest in accessories, suits and grooming aids. Learn what it is and how to introduce into your style.

Haute Couture Designers Through the Ages: The 1920’s

Unlike ready-to-wear which is about predicting the future, couture while expensive is an altogether more relaxed affair. The point of haute couture fashion is that it symbolizes the present for future generations to learn about the past. Learn the history here.
haute couture designers 1920s fashion

Haute Couture Designers Though the Ages: The 1900s

Every industry has its own way of expressing technical might and glamour. Car manufacturers have supercars that showcase their expertise. In fashion - it is the Haute Couture collections that showcase a designer’s most...
the september issue fashion film anna wintour

17 Timeless Must Watch Fashion Film Titles to Inspire You

Films - be it documentaries, short or feature-length movies hold the power to make us laugh or cry in equal measures; they can educate and above all - inspire us to dream.
fashion inspiration

Top 5 best fashion inspiration sources for designers

Ever wondered how top fashion designers manage to create multiple collections per year? Season after season, year after year, seemingly never running out of ideas. Fashion inspiration is behind it all.
Fashion Archives

The vital importance of fashion archives for fashion brands

Fashion archives allow new designers to delve into a past that was very different to the present. It can be used in order to gain some insight into the brands DNA.

Edward Enninful is ushering the dawn of a new era for British Fashion

Out with the old guard and in with the new. The appointment of Edward Enninful as the next Editor of British Vogue is a bold move for the British fashion industry.

The Power of Fashion Collaboration

The landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratized, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces designed in collaboration with another brand or person has proven to be extraordinarily lucrative.

“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes

As anyone who knows or follows the luxury goods industry will tell you - there are luxury goods companies and then - there is Hermes. The family owned leather goods maker is a true champion of "the art of craft". They continuously find new ways to educate and showcase what true craftsmanship means be it through pop up exhibitions, store demonstrations or videos. The latest new initiative paying respect to the true unsung heros behind the brand are a series of videos simple titled "No Comment".

ASOS – As Seen on Success

Nick Robertson the CEO of ASOS, the world-renowned online fashion retailer for twenty-somethings, describes his journey of becoming the second largest online retailer on the planet as being 'luck at every junction'.

Shop Til’ You Pop

Pop-up shops are taking over the retail world but what exactly is a shop that pops up? Pop-up shops are temporary stores at a designated venue, the purpose of which is to attract the consumer with something exclusive and exciting. Layla Webster delves to find out more.
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