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Read our Meet the Maker articles, get to know garment manufacturers and fashion factories worldwide. Look behind the scenes of fashion manufacturing.

Hand and Lock: The World’s Finest Hand Embroidery Since 1767

Hand and Lock is one of the few, if not the only, hand embroidery studio to whom military, Royal and diplomat officials, as well fashion designers, rely upon for the finest hand embroidery.

Fabrika – the UK Clothing Manufacturer That Champions Small Brands

To find a factory happy and willing to work with you is a whole challenge in itself. But that was until Fabrika opened its doors. Meet the new friendly UK clothing manufacturer.

Fashion Enter – Securing the Future of British Fashion Manufacturing

Read about Fashion Enter, the British Garment Manufacturing social enterprise making a positive impact on the manufacturing industry.

Sunshine Apparels Scarf Manufacturing in India

We are all aware that the fashion industry is saturated with product. Yet many factories all over the world produce products one can argue there is enough of. But then again - appearances can...

Creating a New Hand-Worker Economy the Swat Valley Guild way

An interview with the founder of Swat Valley Guild, whose mission is to support local artisans, weavers and producers access global markets.

Tushar Handworks – Limitless Innovation and Design

Tushar Handworks is an Indian garment manufacturer, not afraid of experimentation and who takes new challenges in their stride. The designer cum manufacturer- Tushar, talks to Fashion Insiders openly about the changes he has implemented to adapt to the competitive times, sustainable fashion and qualities that make a good a customer.
Maes London

MAES London: No job is too big or too small

Maes London may not be a name you recognise right now, but if you're a fashion designer based in London, soon you will. Diana, the bubbly and energetic founder behind it is not someone who mulls over ideas. Instead, she springs into action and does the impossible.

The little known versatility of Batik Print

Batik is not a very difficult art form, but a painstakingly slow one. Entirely done by hand, it often is a skill handed down from generation to generation.

Yang Atelier – The future of Chinese manufacturing

Yang is the epitome of the new generation of Chinese independent women. She is well educated, she has travelled and worked abroad and now, she has set up her own business.
mariko plus

Mariko Plus: Fashion Apparel Manufacturing in India

The founder of Mariko Plus shares his experience in starting his factory and how to get the best of manufacturing in India.
ethical clothing manufacturing

Krishna Wool: Preserving the beauty of Handloom weaving manufacturing

Handloom weaving is an art form practised by few but appreciated by many. Krishna Wool, is one such Indian manufacturer trying to preserve its beauty.
viviona vera wang fashion manufacturing

Viviona: From geeky fashionista to fashion manufacturing mogul

A successful business owner, fortune 500 executive, marketing enthusiast, Vera V Wang, the founder of Viviona fashion manufacturing talks talk to Utelier about her journey and working in fashion.
meenal malhotra indian garment manufacturing

Changing Dynamics of Garment Manufacturing in India

India based Meenal Malhotra caught the fashion bug post her MBA stint in Finance and Marketing. After gaining some insights into the fashion industry whilst working with Masaba, the well-known fashion designer from India, she decided to set up a factory of her own - R and M Enterprises.
monisola omotoso pattern cutting get the best out of your pattern cutter

Talking pattern cutting with Monisola Omotoso

Within the industry, the roles of designer and pattern cutter are mutually exclusive. This is really strange, as without the Pattern Cutter, the designer's vision can’t be realised.

10 Minutes with Manufacturer Hawthorn International

Hawthorn works with a mixture of start-up and established brands, helping those who are new to the industry understand how best to progress on their journey.

Daring to be different: Kartik Kraft Vision Studio

At a recent Fashion Insiders trip to India, we pay a visit to Kartik Kraft Vision design studio. A handbag manufacturing studio located in the charming Pitampura district of the Indian capital.
victor rosenberg

Victor Rosenberg: the Best Kept Secret of Fashion Manufacturing

Victor Rosenberg has industry experience spanning four decades. With a knack for storytelling, meeting with him is always enjoyable and inspiring.
pattern cutter Renée Lacroix interview

Pattern Cutter Renée Lacroix: London Pattern Bureau

Renée Lacroix is Canadian born, London based pattern cutter extraordinaire. Having originally studied back in Canada for over 6 years, focusing on womenswear design and technical/pattern cutting skills, she came to London and set up London Pattern Bureau in 2015.
bespoke eyewear manufacturing

The art of modern day bespoke eyewear manufacturing

Eyewear Designer and Fashion Insiders Specialist Sandra Battistel met with Raffaele Ricciuti, the owner of 1955, a small, yet highly artisanal eyewear factory in the South of Italy, near Potenza and discussed the eyewear manufacturing business.

Garment Manufacturer Plus Samples Ltd.

Utelier's visit to a NW London factory specialising in high end (ready to wear) ladieswear soft separates garment pattern development, grading, sampling and small run production.

What a Manufacturer of Leathergoods Wants You to Know

BeTangible is a leathergoods and sample-making manufacturer, based in Ubrique, Spain, co-founded by ex-colleagues Pepe Montiel and Manuel Millan. They met during their careers at a larger fashion manufacturer, and both had grown tired of certain practices.

Insley & Nash – The Printing Maestros

Nestled in south-east London, in an arch underneath rail tracks, is the creative home of Insley & Nash. Inside, the fashion duo specialise in printing techniques that many printers will not even consider undertaking.
Utelier - John Lobb

Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb Set to Grow

One of the most respected welted shoemakers John Lobb, has been producing shoes since the mid-19th Century. Now, this Northampton-based £25m business is set to grow.
MYB Textiles - Blog

MYB Textiles – The Modern Lace Makers

Lace has long been a treasured decorative element for fashion, interiors and hosiery. Yet when we talk about lace and the manufacture and making of it, we don't usually think of lace and British manufacture in the same sentence. But surprisingly, we should! MYB Textiles based in Scotland is a lace manufacturer success story worth sharing and we find out exactly why from Wendy Murray from MYB Textiles.
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