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Insider’s Opinion is a space where our fashion community and guest experts share their thoughts on the state of the fashion industry.

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Vegan Leather vs Real Animal Leather: the race towards sustainable fashion

Vegan Leather or Real Animal Leather? Sustainability and making fashion more responsible and better for the planet have been on the global environmental agenda for a number of years now. The current pandemic has...
fashion supply chain

The future of the fashion manufacturing supply chain, after the Corona Virus Pandemic

The future of the fashion manufacturing supply chain is hanging in the balance. A time bomb ticking quietly unnoticed. The current situation of worldwide quarantine, a result of the COVID19 Corona Virus pandemic will...
global vs local manufacturing fashion insiders dessy tsolova

Think globally but manufacture fashion locally

What a phenomenal time to be alive. There has been no other time in the history of humankind when so much has changed in such a short period of time. When the opportunities we...

The importance of ethical clothing: a quality product and a clear conscience

Buying ethical clothing and talking about ethical fashion has become the "in" thing of our generation. But what does it mean? What makes clothes ethical? Few ask the question let alone look into the...
colours affect consumer buying behaviour

How Colours Affect Consumer Buying Behaviour

How marketers can employ colours to affect customers’ emotions and behaviour. Let's find out how colours affect consumer buying behaviour. Almost 93% of people decide whether or not they should make a purchase based on...

The Challenge Western Brands Face in Working with Clothing Manufacturers Overseas

Working with clothing manufacturers overseas is a natural progression for many fashion brands. The move is often necessitated by two main factors - a need for larger volume production or a necessity to reduce...

4 Popular Ways to Become a Jewellery Designer

If you’re looking to become a jewellery designer, there are plenty of ways to go about achieving your goal. While there’s no one “right” way to ensure success, there are several early career options...

Create Better Fashion Brand Video with These 6 Helpful Tools

Social media videos are a successful and professional way of delivering messages and keeping your network informed of what you are doing. Creating viral video content is on every marketer's priority list. If you make...
avoid fast fashion

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Fast Fashion

We can’t all afford the designer styles we see on celebrities and runway models. So, we often settle for cheap alternatives. Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for affordable clothing – and we’re not...

The Rise of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing

The terms "ethical (fashion) manufacturing” and “sustainability” have become the buzz words of our generation. But are they just a marketing gimmick or do brands and customers really care about the issues? One of the...

Solo Entrepreneurship – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Starting a business on one's own is never easy. But starting one in the fashion arena is a particularly steep hill to climb, full of lessons and paved with expensive mistakes. After a long...

Consumer Wants Personalisation: What Does it Mean for Businesses?

Can a business fulfil every demand put across by consumers? These days consumers have become creators as well as critics and it has put a good load on small businesses. Find out what consumer personalisation means for businesses.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Mentor [and grow your business]

We all need mentors in some point in our lives. Whether it's our own business or a 9 to 5 job, these top tips will definitely help us find the right mentors for us and get the best out of them.

The Fragmentation of Retail: What is happening now?

Let's look at the factors contributing to the fragmentation of retail.

Are Retail Stores Dead or Are They Getting Redesigned?

Is the Retail vs E-commerce battle, really worth fighting over? Can't they both live in harmony and both the worlds coexist? Read the author's view in this article.

Women’s Sewing Groups – Revolutionizing Manufacturing in London

Women's Sewing Groups formation is an age-old concept that London Fashion Manufacturing Industry has taken on with full force. Read what it's about, how these groups work and what are the living conditions of women here.

7 Eco-Friendly Practices Every Small Fashion Business Can Do

Brands with any integrity have been thinking of ways to build their businesses with a sustainable advantage for a while now. Below are 7 Eco-friendly practices that a fashion business can do to contribute to sustainability in the fashion industry.

What Clothing Manufacturers Want Fashion Startups to Know

It has never been so easy or so hard to start a fashion brand. Read what clothing manufacturers wish fashion startups do less of and how to best present yourself to suppliers if you want to work with them.

How to Make a Handbag When Your Background Isn’t in Fashion

Every day newcomers enter the fashion industry. While they may bring new ideas and enthusiasm, their lack of knowledge of how the industry works, development and sourcing know-how and process often leaves them exhausted and with depleted funds.

How Denim Manufacturing Impacts the Environment

If you are a denim-wearing eco-warrior then perhaps you are more fashion and less eco-conscious! Read below and get the basics of why the current denim manufacturing has a negative environmental impact. 

Can the use of alternative textiles be the answer to sustainable fashion?

Introducing alternative textiles is just one and a relatively small step in creating a sustainable environment and it may be the answer to the sustainable fashion quest.

Why fashion manufacturing locally can open a world of possibility for new brands

Fashion manufacturing locally is not a new concept. It has been done by brands large and small for as long as manufacturing has existed. But with advances in technology that helped make the world more reachable, many have tried their fortunes far afield hoping to improve prices, leadtimes or quality.
future of fashion wholesale

The Questionable Future of Fashion Wholesale?

Over the last couple of decades, as the online shopping has steadily increased at a fast and furious pace, countless boutiques closed their doors and larger department stores sales suffered - many wonder what is the future of fashion wholesale?
sustainable fashion

What is sustainable fashion and is fashion sustainable?

Now, more than ever, we should be thinking about sustainable fashion. But what is sustainable fashion? And is fashion sustainable?

“Made in Britain” – to be or not to be?

With Brexit looming over us and the louder voiced opinions and encouragements to keep as much as possible "Made in Britain", we look at what that means.

The Impossible Choice: Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Making a choice between fast fashion vs slow fashion may seem like an obvious choice, yet it is not an easy choice for many to make. One has moral implications while the other is more practical and economical. So what is it to be?
Utelier India Garment Fair IIGF

Fashion Business Notes from India

Team Fashion Insiders swaps continents and goes to India for a week packed with exploring a new market, forging new contacts, connections and absorbing new experiences and lessons.

Made in England – Why Buy British?

Fashion industry professionals including small business owners, students and representatives from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) were among the crowd at the sell-out event in Manchester yesterday evening (Wednesday 29 July)

The Changing Face of the Fashion Industry

Years ago, the seasonal selling formula for a designer was pretty simple and straight forward. Fast forward to 2017 and this no longer is the case.
utelier - factory workers

UK Garment Factory Workers Under Threat

It’s important to remember on this Fashion Revolution Day and two-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster that unethical treatment of factory workers lives on, and not just in Asian countries.

What We Didn’t Know About Leather

Hannah Stewart, a Product Account Manager at a London-based fashion company woke up at 5.30am recently, to travel two and a half hours from her London home to Northampton. She was attending the BLC Leather Technology Centre’s ‘Understanding Leather Course’, led by Barry Wood - a leather technician who has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years.
digital imaging - Utelier blog

Is the Digital Imaging Trend Causing Chaos in Fashion?

Is the digital imaging and re-blogging trend causing chaos in the fashion industry? In today’s digital and technology-driven world, using social media sites has become the norm where people can socialise and connect with one another.
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