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MYB Textiles – Mill Video • UTELIER
Making a Leather Bag by Hand with BeTangible • UTELIER
How to Res/Rei • UTELIER
Video Archive • UTELIER
Critical Path: What is it and why is it crucial to your production?
Garment Tech in the Fashion industry: Who are they? | UTELIER
Top Tips For Making Your Own Eyewear Line • UTELIER
5 best fashion inspiration sources for designers – UTELIER
Top 10 Tips for Successful PR: Part Two • UTELIER
Top 10 Tips for Successful PR: Part One • UTELIER
The Do’s & Don’ts of Communicating with Factories • UTELIER
The Benefits of Crowdfunding for Fashion Start-Ups • UTELIER
importance of quality control in fashion manufacturing guidelines by utelier
Pantone colour and why it is important in fashion design?
21 tips on how to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign • UTELIER
Just In Time manufacturing- Exploration of decade-old concept | UTELIER
The Importance of the Pattern Cutter in Fashion • UTELIER
How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest • UTELIER
Brief guide on how to grow your business with Pinterest | UTELIER
Finding Investors for Your Fashion Business • UTELIER
How to find the best sewing machine for you and your projects
Fashion Sampling: the importance of a Pre-production Sample – UTELIER
Don’t Get Lost in Translation • UTELIER
Chinese New Year and Fashion Manufacturing • UTELIER
Business Crowdfunding for Fashion Brands – the wave of the future
new product launch: aim for “good” rather than “perfection”
Top 7 Most Common Fashion Business Killers • UTELIER
6 Things To Remember When Launching A Fashion Business • UTELIER
6 Productivity Hacks to Save Time and Money • UTELIER
5 Unmissable Podcasts For Fashion Entrepreneurs • UTELIER
5 Top Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property • UTELIER
5 Top Tips for a Successful Pop-Up Shop • UTELIER
5 Tips for Fashion Start-Ups and How to Work with Suppliers • UTELIER
5 Reasons You Need a Business Mentor • UTELIER
5 Not-So-New Resolutions for Your Business • UTELIER
Working with bloggers has become standard when looking for exposure
3 Top Tips for Better Fashion Product Pricing • UTELIER
tips for launching a website in no time and on a budget
Fashion factories- Best questions to ask them | UTELIER
11 Tools for Working Remotely • UTELIER
10 tips on how to register a trademark for your brand
10 Commandments for Your Fashion Business • UTELIER
Top Tips Archives • UTELIER
What to Consider When Hiring an Ad Agency • UTELIER
Trademarks and Your Brand • UTELIER
Top 10 Employment Law Myth Busters • UTELIER
Top Tips for Vloggers • UTELIER
Employment contract from a legal point of view in fashion
Ten minutes with… Legal Expert Annabelle Gauberti • UTELIER
Regulations Relating to the Use of Fashion Agents • UTELIER
Legally Preparing for Investment • UTELIER
Legal Tips for Fashion Collaborations • UTELIER
How to Run a Fashion Competition: by Law • UTELIER
How to Franchise from a Legal Perspective • UTELIER
How to Ensure Your Business is Cyber-Secure • UTELIER
Fashion Brands Need to License Care Labels • UTELIER
Crowdfunding from a Legal Perspective • UTELIER
Counterfeiting and the Fashion Industry • UTELIER
Building A Website – The Legal Steps, Part 1 • UTELIER
Build A Fashion Website – The Legal Steps, Part 2 • UTELIER
Brand Policing & IP Right Infringement • UTELIER
Becoming a Franchisee of a Fashion Business • UTELIER
Anti-Competitive Arrangements Explained – Part 2 • UTELIER
Anti-Competitive Arrangements Explained – Part 1 • UTELIER
10 Tips on Protecting Your Brand • UTELIER
Legal Corner Archives • UTELIER
The ultimate “How To” guide to working with denim fabric
What To Look For In A Manufacturing Partner • UTELIER
What is a Fashion Tech Pack and why do you need one for your business?
Fashion moodboard: quick tips on how to create one | UTELIER
Turn an idea into a finished product that is ready to sell
Simple Fashion Branding Basics for Start-Ups • UTELIER
Pattern grading smart guide for pattern makers – UTELIER
Fashion Press Release: How to write a Killer press release | UTELIER
How To Turn Strangers into Connections in 6 Easy Steps • UTELIER
How to Network Even If You Hate It • UTELIER
Fashion wholesale: How to succeed at it? – UTELIER
The best ways to communicate design ideas, even if you can’t draw
How to get over your fear of public speaking • UTELIER
5 Tested Tips To Finding The Right Fashion Manufacturer • UTELIER
Finding a pattern cutter that is right for you and your fashion brand
Fashion photography basics best tips and how to guide for beginners
Engage Your Virtual Focus Group for InstaValue! • UTELIER
9 Tips for Coping with the Overwhelm of Fashion Trade Shows • UTELIER
A Guide to Good Investing for Freelancers • UTELIER
A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook • UTELIER
Find the right fashion manufacturer for your product in 9 easy steps
Increasing brand value is essential for standing out from the crowd
How To … Archives • UTELIER
Fashion Spec Sheet: essential for successful communication in design
How to research a fashion idea and create a fashion business plan
The Best Way to Allocate Your Budget • UTELIER
Financing A Fashion Start Up Business • UTELIER
Design and Product Development • UTELIER
How to choose the best business structure for your fashion startup
Here is an easy business plan for startup: Template for beginners
Utelier Launches: The Tool Kit Series • UTELIER
How to start a fashion business guide for entrepreneurs | UTELIER
Fashion Design Process: Step by step from idea to first sketch | UTELIER
The Fashion Design Process: From Idea to Finished Product | UTELIER
The Sample Making process – Everything you need to know | UTELIER
Funding the fashion business by debt or equity: Startup basics
Specification Sheet vs Tech pack – What is the difference?
How to design a commercially strong fashion collection • UTELIER
Business Basics Archives • UTELIER
How to win friends influence people Dale Carnegie
The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg • UTELIER
The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield: honest review | UTELIER
The Glitter Plan by Pamela Skaist-Levy & Gela Nash-Taylor • UTELIER
Simon Sinek starts with a fundamental question that not many people ask
Setting the Table by Danny Meyer • UTELIER
Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade
The Freelance Fashion Designer’s Handbook by Paula Keech
Atlas Shrugged, By Ayn Rand- Book review | UTELIER
Book Reviews Archives • UTELIER
Toolkit • UTELIER
pattern cutter2 • UTELIER
Utelier Insider Blog Resources to help you turn your idea into a product
The definitive Tech Pack checklist for fashion entrepreneurs and brands.
Fashion business tools and resources to help grow a fashion brand
Products Archive • UTELIER
techpack Archives • UTELIER
tech pack Archives • UTELIER
fashion manufacturing Archives • UTELIER
Fashion tech and apps monthly round-up • UTELIER
The Scoop Archives • UTELIER
Utelier Seminar: ‘Fashion Start-Ups: Pricing for Profit’ • UTELIER
Utelier Seminar: ‘Fashion Start-Ups: PR & Marketing on a Budget’ • UTELIER
Utelier Seminar: ‘Fashion Manufacturing for Start-Ups’ • UTELIER
The Great POP-UP Revival • UTELIER
The Fashion Exchange: for Ambitious Fashion Entrepreneurs • UTELIER
The Discussion: Made in Britain – Who Cares? • UTELIER
Protecting Your Intellectual Property: How to Protect, Manage and Monetise • UTELIER
PR for Creatives: Excel at doing your own PR with style and on a budget
POP at HoF with the Great Retail Revival • UTELIER
POP at HoF: 10 Finalists Revealed • UTELIER
Mentor MatcHER Speed Mentoring #SM16 • UTELIER
how to launch your fashion brand in china masterclass
Made in Britain – Who Cares? Utelier Joins The Panel • UTELIER
Getting Press for Your Fashion Business • UTELIER
fashion pattern cutting from idea to pattern to product
Fashion Marketing: How to market your brand on a budget
fashion manufacturing 101
An Overview of Made in Britain: Sell Overseas • UTELIER
Events Archives • UTELIER
My Account • UTELIER
My Account • UTELIER
why fashion manufacturing locally is of benefit for small brands
what is sustainable fashion and is fashion sustainable
what is the future of fashion wholesale
Made in Britain – to be or not to be? A discussion of what it means
Fashion Archives: Importance for brands and designers | UTELIER
fast fashion vs slow fashion – not an easy choice to make
Is the Digital Imaging Trend Causing Chaos in Fashion? • UTELIER
The Changing Face of Fashion – How the fashion industry has evolved
A Positive Spin for ‘Made in China’ • UTELIER
5 reasons why it is still a good idea to attend fashion trade fairs • UTELIER
U Think Archives • UTELIER
What we didn’t know about the leather industry
UK Garment Factory Workers Under Threat • UTELIER
Rana Plaza Aftermath: 20 Months Later • UTELIER
The Power of Fashion Collaboration: it can make or break you
“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes • UTELIER
Innovation in eCommerce Paves The Way for Start-Ups
Eye Glasses: In search of the perfect fit • UTELIER
Fashion Business Notes from India • UTELIER
The Collective Retreat Conference, tech-free event for creatives
Celebrity Gifting: A sound marketing strategy, or just a bad idea all around?
The Collective, networking & community over competition
5 Reasons Why a Fashion Factory Ignores Designers
Trade Secrets Archives • UTELIER
Victor Rosenberg: the best kept secret of fashion manufacturing • UTELIER
Shop Til’ You Pop • UTELIER
Juicy Couture: The Loungewear Tycoons Built Their Empire With $200 • UTELIER
Edward Enninful is ushering the dawn of a new era for British fashion
ASOS – As Seen on Success • UTELIER
Success Stories Archives • UTELIER
Viviona: notes from a million dollar fashion manufacturing business
Renee Lacroix of London Pattern Bureau • UTELIER
Exploring Creative Pattern Cutting with Monisola Omotoso
Leather Goods & Samples Manufacturer BeTangible – advice for start-ups
Interview with the owner of Kartik Kraft Vision Design Studio, in Delhi, India
Utelier Designer Interview with Insley & Nash, printing specialists
Garment Manufacturer, Plus Samples Ltd. • UTELIER
Walpole British Luxury Crafted: Makers of the Exceptional showcase
garment manufacturing in India – changing dynamics – Meenal Malhotra
Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb Set to Grow • UTELIER
The art of modern day bespoke eyewear manufacturing • UTELIER
10 Minutes with Manufacturer Hawthorn International • UTELIER
Meet The Maker Archives • UTELIER
Ethical underwear: Y.O.U – Support their pledge | UTELIER
Wearable Technology: One Woman’s Journey • UTELIER
Vitasta designer leather handbags for women in India
The Leather Duo: Max and Otis of OTZI London • UTELIER
The Evolution of JW Anderson: A Video Exclusive • UTELIER
Ten Minutes with Textile Designer Rise Gluck • UTELIER
Ten Minutes with Charlotte Purvis • UTELIER
Tasha Markham – The Surface Pattern Illustrator • UTELIER
Sandra Battistel, Eyewear Designer: In the Eye of the Beholder • UTELIER
Rebecca Hafenrichter • UTELIER
Pattern Cutting: An Inside Story with Laura Alice • UTELIER
Natasha Hulse – Natasha LG Hulse Design – The Beauty of Print Textiles
Naima F – Freelance Accessories Designer • UTELIER
Nagma Giri: Weaving a Web of Success • UTELIER
MYB Textiles – The Modern Lace Makers • UTELIER
Making Memories: Jewellery Designer Lorna Gilbey • UTELIER
Carving your way in fashion with Magda Daniloaia • UTELIER
Lucie Beauvert – Life of a Weaving Wonder • UTELIER
Joanne Edwards Millinery: Getting Ahead • UTELIER
The Business of Handmade Footwear – I Can Make Shoes
Heidi Mottram, British Accessories Designer • UTELIER
Heart to Heart with Simone Meentzen of FIBRE&HEART
Finding joy in the finer details with Isla Simpson • UTELIER
Ekceli – Exploring Embroidery At Its Finest • UTELIER
The Changing Factor – Launch of a Modern Brand • UTELIER
Caterina Belluardo – The Footwear Mastermind • UTELIER
Carréducker – Bespoke Shoemakers for Men • UTELIER
Bundy & Webster – Dynamic Casual Wear • UTELIER
Built for Good and Kick Started: Dereks Backpacks • UTELIER
Building a slow fashion business with Caroline Bruce • UTELIER
ACID: Anti Copying In Design • UTELIER
5 Questions with Costume Designer Connie Watson • UTELIER
Freelance Fashion Designer Nazli Karakoc interview | UTELIER
11 Questions with Footwear Designer Silvia Fado • UTELIER
Designer Interviews Archives • UTELIER
Why I Chose to Keep my Manufacturing in the UK • UTELIER
What Happens During an IP Battle? • UTELIER
The Whale Company: Ethical Fashion in Practice • UTELIER
The Elie Tahari Story • UTELIER
Qiviut & Co – the fibre redefining the luxury fashion industry | UTELIER
Zaazee sportswear – 5 minutes with founder Deborah Todd | UTELIER
Behind The Brand Archives • UTELIER
Features • UTELIER
Basket • UTELIER

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