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E8: Who should you work with – specialists or generalists?

You may think it is an easy one but you’d be surprised how many fashion entrepreneurs knowingly or unknowingly opt to work with the wrong kind of professional. Then – is it any wonder that they don’t get what they asked and paid for?

There is a saying that goes ” you get what you pay for” but if you don’t know how to make the right selection and choice – what do you do?

In this episode we look at who are the specialists you must consider to take time and select before you even begin to negotiate rates and who you can be more relaxed in your selection approach.

Listen to the episode and discover:
– who are the specialists you must seek out at various stages in your fashion business;
– why you need to seek them out
– how to know if they are specialist enough
– when you can hire and work with generalists and what tasks you can give them to do.

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