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E13: The business of zero-waste fashion with Bhaavya Goenka

Bhaavya Goenka fashion revolution india zero waste fashion

As part of our support for the cause championed by Fashion Revolution we meet and interview Bhaavya Goenka – the founder behind the zero-waste Indian brand Iro Iro. Bhaavya is also the regional leader for Fashion Revolution India, Jaipur chapter, and is active in her community in promoting sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Episode Notes During […]

Sustainable Fashion Terminology Explained


Sustainable fashion terminology can be confusing to most. Like many other industries, fashion is shaped by economic and political forces. It is like a living organism – always evolving and changing. I’m sure – like me – you must find it hard to keep up with all the terminology used by industry insiders. Not only […]

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk – Not Just Another Fashion Brand

cruelty-free fashion

True entrepreneurs are often driven by a resilient sense of mission. They don’t start businesses out of a desire, but out of need and want to change the world in their own small or large way. More and more lately we see such social entrepreneurs appear in the fashion industry. They launch fashion brands as […]

The importance of ethical clothing: a quality product and a clear conscience


Buying ethical clothing and talking about ethical fashion has become the “in” thing of our generation. But what does it mean? What makes clothes ethical? Few ask the question let alone look into the process and meaning of this modern-day term so many feel so passionate about. The truth is, ethical clothing is not something […]

The Rise of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing

The terms “ethical (fashion) manufacturing” and “sustainability” have become the buzz words of our generation. But are they just a marketing gimmick or do brands and customers really care about the issues? One of the many great things about the internet era we live in is access to information. Everything and anything, 24/7. It is […]

7 Eco-Friendly Practices Every Small Fashion Business Can Do

Brands with any integrity have been thinking of ways to build their businesses with a sustainable advantage for a while now. Below are 7 Eco-friendly practices that a fashion business can do to contribute to sustainability in the fashion industry.

The Impossible Choice: Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Making a choice between fast fashion vs slow fashion may seem like an obvious choice, yet it is not an easy choice for many to make. One has moral implications while the other is more practical and economical. So what is it to be?