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5 Challenges Fashion Entrepreneurs Overlook

Here are 5 categories of challenges in fashion business that fashion entrepreneurs fail to focus on at the start of a new brand/business/product launch. This article will help you figure out what you can do about these challenges.

E36: Hayat Rachi: How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand

feminist lingerie fashion brand Hayat Rachi

How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand and sell it in 6 years. It is not often that we hear success stories involving small fashion brands, single female founder-owned and that sold successfully in a matter of a few years. But these stories exist and today we get to hear firsthand about it. Meet […]

E32: How to grow & scale a sustainable fashion business with Darryl Bannon

sustainable fashion brand

Creating a successful fashion brand means that you need to focus on creating a sustainable fashion business. Creating a sustainable fashion business means that you need to know the fundamentals of creating, building, growing, and scaling a business. In this second instalment (see ep.30 for Part 1) of a conversation with business consultant Darryl Bannon […]

E30: Ways to Finance Your Fashion Business from Start Up to Scale Up

The biggest cause for fashion brands to fail before they have even launched or later down the line and cease trading is a lack of finances. Building a fashion brand is not cheap and having enough to cover day-to-day operations and cover development and production for two seasons at any one time is essential. But […]

E:14 Designer Lora Gene: Shift focus & stay in your own fashion story

lora gene sustainable brand

Lora Gene is the creative force and founder behind the eponymous womenswear brand Lora Gene. What started organically has evolved into a true purpose-driven brand with a real focus on the customer and, in particular,  the well-being and comfort of the many women who love the brand. Episode notes:  how she got her start in […]

How to Launch Your Fashion Brand According to Your Niche (Part 3)

fashion niche grow your fashion brand

To launch a fashion brand to a specific niche of customers or market is an age-old tested recipe for business success. To grow your fashion brand is a whole other story. In this final instalment of our 3 part series, we show you how to do it and why it is important in fashion to […]

How to Grow your Fashion Business by Stepping Outside the Box

To grow your fashion business you need to not only be visually creative but also be creative with how you conduct business, your strategy, marketing and all aspects that cumulatively contribute to the success of a business. Following “tried and tested” methodology is no longer a guarantee for success. So what now then? Too many […]

The Rise of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing

The terms “ethical (fashion) manufacturing” and “sustainability” have become the buzz words of our generation. But are they just a marketing gimmick or do brands and customers really care about the issues? One of the many great things about the internet era we live in is access to information. Everything and anything, 24/7. It is […]

Solo Entrepreneurship – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Starting a business on one’s own is never easy. But starting one in the fashion arena is a particularly steep hill to climb, full of lessons and paved with expensive mistakes. After a long and successful corporate career, Hema Selvaraj decided to do just that – launch a jewellery brand. Here she takes a look […]

Simple Fashion Branding Basics for Start-Ups

Utelier - fashion branding basics

Once upon a time, not that long ago, the word “logo” was synonymous to “brand”. Fast forward a couple of decades and today a “logo” is merely a shadow of a “brand”, but nowhere near what a “brand” is. Yet – not many people seem to make the distinction and realise this. Especially start ups.

“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes


As anyone who knows or follows the luxury goods industry will tell you – there are luxury goods companies and then – there is Hermes. The family owned leather goods maker is a true champion of “the art of craft”. They continuously find new ways to educate and showcase what true craftsmanship means be it through pop up exhibitions, store demonstrations or videos. The latest new initiative paying respect to the true unsung heros behind the brand are a series of videos simple titled “No Comment”.

ASOS – As Seen on Success


Nick Robertson the CEO of ASOS, the world-renowned online fashion retailer for twenty-somethings, describes his journey of becoming the second largest online retailer on the planet as being ‘luck at every junction’.