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Carréducker – Bespoke Shoemakers for Men

Carreducker Bespoke Shoemakers

Bespoke shoemakers James Ducker and Deborah Carré, who make up the duo known as Carréducker create custom shoes for men, traditionally made and designed with a contemporary aesthetic to suit each client’s individual style.

E:14 Designer Lora Gene: Shift focus & stay in your own fashion story

lora gene sustainable brand

Lora Gene is the creative force and founder behind the eponymous womenswear brand Lora Gene. What started organically has evolved into a true purpose-driven brand with a real focus on the customer and, in particular,  the well-being and comfort of the many women who love the brand. Episode notes:  how she got her start in […]

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk – Not Just Another Fashion Brand

cruelty-free fashion

True entrepreneurs are often driven by a resilient sense of mission. They don’t start businesses out of a desire, but out of need and want to change the world in their own small or large way. More and more lately we see such social entrepreneurs appear in the fashion industry. They launch fashion brands as […]

Wenlin Studio: Empowering Communities Through Pursuit of Beauty

hand embroidery in work

Gul E Raana is the founder and creative force behind the hand embroidery London based brand – Wenlin Studio. Though only a couple of years old, the brand has a clear mission that resonates with their growing loyal clientele – to create ethical and responsible fashion products while empowering small communities of artisans. As big […]

What is a Fashion Buying Agency? – By Ayushi Nath

fashion buying agency

Foreign brands that work in Asia often do so with the help of buying agencies. Ayushi Nath, a fashion designer at Impulse buying agency based in India, shares the inner working of a design and manufacturing agency.

I Can Make Shoes: the Business of Handmade Footwear

Handmade Footwear I Can Make Shoes

Amanda Overs, 29, is the founder of the innovative fashion business, I Can Make Shoes. Over the past five years, people from any background have been able to join a class to make a pair of shoes from scratch that they can keep.

Diane von Furstenberg: The Woman I Wanted to Be

The Woman I Wanted to Be - Diane von Furstenberg

This is Diane von Furstenberg’s personal memoir and it is raw. It may seem like an explanation of who she is, why she works hard and the pride she takes in her profession. But, it goes deeper than that.

Natasha Hulse – The Beauty of Print Textiles

Natasha Hulse Print Design

Natasha Hulse is the owner of Natasha LG Hulse Design and a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design. She specialises in print design, and her womenswear collections feature bold colours and flowing, yet well-structured garments.