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Part 1: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to first sketch

design process

Ever thought of starting a fashion label? Many do – every day and as soon as they think about it, their heads get inundated with questions… Questions about the design process in general like… Do ideas come from inspiration or from materials? What is the best way to go about designing a collection?

Wenlin Studio: Empowering Communities Through Pursuit of Beauty

hand embroidery in work

Gul E Raana is the founder and creative force behind the hand embroidery London based brand – Wenlin Studio. Though only a couple of years old, the brand has a clear mission that resonates with their growing loyal clientele – to create ethical and responsible fashion products while empowering small communities of artisans. As big […]

How to Find the Best Sewing Machine for Your Needs

best sewing machine

Learning how to sew is a little bit like cycling. Once you learn it, you never forget it. And once you know how to sew – you want the best sewing machine for you and your projects. Finding the best one is not that hard. But finding the right machine takes a little bit longer […]