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E16: Kerry Wilde: From Fast Fashion to Style with Soul

kerry wilde soul stylist

Can you come home to yourself through style?  Can you rediscover your feminine powers by making better choices with what you chose to wear and? Can you style with soul? YES, yes, and yes according to soul stylist Kerry Wilde. Episode Notes In this lively chat with Kerry, we talk about how to style with […]

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Fast Fashion

avoid fast fashion

We can’t all afford the designer styles we see on celebrities and runway models. So, we often settle for cheap alternatives. Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for affordable clothing – and we’re not talking money-wise. Much like fast food, fast fashion was made to cater to those on a budget as a quick and […]

The Impossible Choice: Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Making a choice between fast fashion vs slow fashion may seem like an obvious choice, yet it is not an easy choice for many to make. One has moral implications while the other is more practical and economical. So what is it to be?