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The Challenge Western Brands Face in Working with Clothing Manufacturers Overseas


Working with clothing manufacturers overseas is a natural progression for many fashion brands. The move is often necessitated by two main factors – a need for larger volume production or a necessity to reduce costs and increase margins. Finding clothing manufacturers overseas or any fashion manufacturers for that matter has got easier over the last […]

Sunshine Apparels Scarf Manufacturing in India

We are all aware that the fashion industry is saturated with product. Yet many factories all over the world produce products one can argue there is enough of. But then again – appearances can be deceptive. We recently met with the owner of Sunshine Apparels, R.T. Bajpai. Read on to learn more about this Indian […]

Tushar Handworks – Limitless Innovation and Design

Tushar Handworks is an Indian garment manufacturer, not afraid of experimentation and who takes new challenges in their stride. The designer cum manufacturer- Tushar, talks to Fashion Insiders openly about the changes he has implemented to adapt to the competitive times, sustainable fashion and qualities that make a good a customer.

11 Top Tips for Working with Indian Manufacturers


Working with Indian manufacturers offshore is a good option for any growing fashion brand looking to improve margin, but before you embark, consider these wise words and the benefit of others experiences.

Changing Dynamics of Garment Manufacturing in India

meenal malhotra indian garment manufacturing

India based Meenal Malhotra caught the fashion bug post her MBA stint in Finance and Marketing. After gaining some insights into the fashion industry whilst working with Masaba, the well-known fashion designer from India, she decided to set up a factory of her own – R and M Enterprises.

Fashion Business Notes from India

Utelier India Garment Fair IIGF

Team Fashion Insiders swaps continents and goes to India for a week packed with exploring a new market, forging new contacts, connections and absorbing new experiences and lessons.