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E11: Why fashion brands must stop calling themselves “sustainable”

sustainable fashion brand

“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips and brains, yet almost everyone calling their brand “sustainable” fashion brand is effectively “greenwashing”.  Regardless of the size, regardless of what and how much they are doing. If you are working on launching your brand or already in business and calling your brand “sustainable” then you need to stop and […]

E8: Who should you work with – specialists or generalists?

You may think it is an easy one but you’d be surprised how many fashion entrepreneurs knowingly or unknowingly opt to work with the wrong kind of professional. Then – is it any wonder that they don’t get what they asked and paid for? There is a saying that goes ” you get what you […]

E7: Three Post-Pandemic Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2021 and Beyond

The fashion industry is forever changed as a result of 2020. Some of the new post-pandemic fashion trends emerging will have a long-lasting effect, others will be temporary. Either way, those brands that are agile and able to adapt, will be the ones to come out of this latest economic downturn stronger and some even […]

E6: Lorenzo de Leo: Luxury Leathergoods Manufacturing

Lorenzo de Leo: Luxury Leathergoods Manufacturing Every designer’s dream is to find a manufacturer that they can trust, who knows and cares just as much as them about the creative process and that is only a phone call away. Well – meet Lorenzo de Leo – he is just that. Passionate about luxury leathergoods manufacturing, […]

E5: Can Clubhouse app revolutionise the fashion industry?

clubhouse app

Clubhouse app – the new audio social network taking the online world by storm has the potential to bring about change in the fashion industry in ways that no other social media platform so far has managed to. What is ClubHouse app? Can it really be a game-changer for an industry as tough to crack […]

E4: Changing career intuitively with leather designer maker Candice Lau

Meet Candice Lau – a graphic designer who followed her intuition and interests, which led her to change her career and become a leather craftwoman. In this episode, you will discover: – how Candice started – how she has managed to grow her business – what she is working on now and much more. You […]

E3: Why finding a manufacturer is so hard

Despite how much information can be found online, it is as hard as ever, for fashion entrepreneurs to find a good manufacturing partner to work with.  More often than not, this is due to fashion creatives not knowing how to do proper research, how to communicate what they are looking for and what criteria to […]

E2: 3 Key Steps to Fashion Brand Success in 2021

As we grapple with pandemic-charged change in the fashion industry, as well as, in business and society in general – the fashion market has become even more saturated and easily accessible. 2020 saw many big brands fail and countless new fashion startups. How many of them will survive? What will it take for them to […]

E1: Quick Introduction

E1 Quick Introduction Hey there! Welcome to the very first episode of the Fashion Insiders Podcast with Dessy. After much time planning and thinking about it – this podcast is finally here and out in the world. A very personal project and an audio journal of sorts – this fashion podcast is for struggling fashion […]