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Part 1: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to first sketch

design process

Ever thought of starting a fashion label? Many do – every day and as soon as they think about it, their heads get inundated with questions… Questions about the design process in general like… Do ideas come from inspiration or from materials? What is the best way to go about designing a collection?

How to Start a Handbag Line?

To start a handbag line in such a competitive retail marketplace is a brave endeavour and definitely not for the faint-hearted. All aspects of its development need to work harmoniously in order to create a ‘perfect storm’.

E20: Katie Deming MD, Founder of MakeMerry sensitive skin bra brand

sensitive skin bra

E20: Katie Deming MD, Founder of MakeMerry sensitive skin bra brand “Sometimes we are positioned to see a need that no one else is seeing” – these are the words of oncologist Katie Deming MD who turned her hand at fashion entrepreneurship in order to solve an unmet need of her clients for sensitive skin […]

Pattern Cutter Renée Lacroix: London Pattern Bureau

pattern cutter Renée Lacroix interview

Renée Lacroix is Canadian born, London based pattern cutter extraordinaire. Having originally studied back in Canada for over 6 years, focusing on womenswear design and technical/pattern cutting skills, she came to London and set up London Pattern Bureau in 2015.

When to Look For a Manufacturer – Before or After Crowdfunding Campaign ?

kickstarter corwdfunding campaign

  QUESTION: When should I look for a manufacturer – before or after the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign I plan to do, to raise funds, to launch my business? Astrid, Oslo (Norway)   Hey Astrid, great question! Launching via a Kickstarter type of crowdfunding campaign is a great new way to leverage the power of the […]

6 Most Widely Used Garment Printing Techniques

printing techniques

Were you aware that there are six, yes six popular methods presently used to transfer coloured patterns onto cloth? No, neither did I. With so many different available options, it is useful to know what is the best method for different projects, and why are some methods so much more expensive than others? Let’s dive […]

How to size label your clothing range – letters vs numbers

clothing size labels numbers letters

Selecting the correct size label for your clothing range and whether you use letters or numbers sends a clear message about the market you aim to enter. Their use isn’t based on random selection.  Both letters and numbers are used to communicate very different things in the industry. In regards to sampling size selection, this […]

Part 2: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to First Sketch

fashion design process

Wanting to launch your own fashion brand is on the wish list of many fashionistas. While many dream about it, only a few get to see their idea realised on paper. The fashion design process takes time and what may have seemed like a simple idea at the start turns into Pandora’s box.

Turn an idea into a finished product

finished product utelier process

While in the past one may have had an idea and not done much about it, today – we have an idea and we know we have infinite possibilities to make it happen.

Design and Product Development

utelier - design and product development - fashion start-ups

It is no secret that the fashion industry is predominantly a product-based industry. Success is often underpinned by great design, strong product and well-structured collections. Learn how to translate your ideas correctly into the products that you want.