Have you ever wondered how many seams there might be available for designers to use?

Bet you haven’t! Nor had we until we saw a book on it and the fact it said on the cover that it had 101 seams inside it intrigued us.

Could there really be 101?

Apparently YES!

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make an idea become a reality. Communicating it to manufacturers is not as easy as it sounds, but with the help of this little book, it becomes as easy as A,B,C…

fashion sewing seams


The best part is – not only does the book have an outline of 101 various seams one can use, but it has a helpful chart alongside each one that tells you how hard it is and where it is best used.

Book 101 Sewing Seams

And if this was not enough, the back of the book has detailed examples of images of various garment sketches that show the various seams used on them that you can refer to and add to your tech pack. (Warning, if you do this, you manufacturers may love you or hate you! But for sure they will be impressed and know you mean business).

So, if you’re serious about working in fashion and making garments that end up selling out, then you need this little book. Grab your copy here and visit ABC Seams – the business behind the book for more valuable knowledge.

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