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How to make a moodboard, linesheet, lookbook, how to create a fashion collection, what is a fashion moodboard, what is a fashion spec sheet and more.

fashion brand trust

How to Build Fashion Brand Trust Faster

In today’s oversaturated market, to build fashion brand trust, stand out and build or create a loyal following is not so easy. Not impossible, but not easy compared to even a few short years...
fashion clothing manufacturers

How to approach fashion clothing manufacturers and get a reply back

It's not easy to find fashion clothing manufacturers but getting them to reply to you is a whole new level of challenge, most entrepreneurs are not prepared for. https://youtu.be/XH91WUtRq-A When they are ready to start working...

How to Infuse “Know, Like, Trust” Factor Into Your Fashion Brand

Infusing your fashion brand with Know Like Trust factor is incredibly important in today's oversaturated designer fashion market. Or any industry for that matter. Gone are the days when, if you served your customers nicely,...
printing techniques

6 Most Widely Used Garment Printing Techniques

Were you aware that there are six, yes six popular methods presently used to transfer coloured patterns onto cloth? No, neither did I. With so many different available options, it is useful to know what...
fashion photoshoot

9 Tips for Planning a Fashion Photoshoot

To plan a fashion photoshoot is incredibly time-consuming and setting aside weeks, and even months, to arrange everything is quite common. The more time you give yourself, the less stressful the experience. https://youtu.be/m_jV0XoqaQs Once your samples...
clothing size labels numbers letters

How to size label your clothing range – letters vs numbers

Selecting the correct size label for your clothing range and whether you use letters or numbers sends a clear message about the market you aim to enter. Their use isn’t based on random selection.  Both...
sample development fashion insiders clothing accessories

What are the Basic Costs Associated with Sample Development?

What is sample development and how to work out & plan how much money you will need for sample development if you are just starting out?

The Ultimate Guide to ‘What is a Wholesale Fashion Line Sheet?’

A wholesale fashion line sheet is an essential sales tool for every brand no matter how small or large must present to buyers if they are to be taken seriously.

How to Start a Handbag Line?

To start a handbag line in such a competitive retail marketplace is a brave endeavour and definitely not for the faint-hearted. All aspects of its development need to work harmoniously in order to create a ‘perfect storm’.
fashion lookbook

What is a Fashion Lookbook and How to Create one?

Once you have perfected the design process, product development and sample making, your marketing should begin in earnest. Catching the eye of important buyers, press and potential customers can be done in many ways but the most effective is to send out a fashion lookbook.
best fashion fair to show at

How to Select the Best Fashion Fair to Show at?

The Fashion Fair used to be all about selling. But it is now much more difficult to actually take an order at a Fashion Fair as they have now become marketing exercises and not sales events.
A Fashion Factory - MOQ minimum order quantity

How to Make the Best of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is a requirement of factories - the lowest quantity of a certain product that a supplier is willing to produce.

How Cutting Fabric for Production can Bring You Savings

Cutting fabric for production is a skill seasoned professionals know about and use as a way to make savings. Scaling up from sampling to production is a huge leap in regards to fabric and trimmings consumption.

How to Find the Right Factory to Make Your Product

How to find a factory to make your product? A common question anyone looking to turn their fashion idea into a reality will ask countless times. Not because it is hard to find contacts these days, but simply because the prospect of contacting a manufacturer, whether by phone or through email, for the first time can be a scary one.
critical path

What is a Critical Path and Why your Business Needs it?

What is a critical path in fashion? It is a continuously reviewed system, which is used to track the progress of fashion projects and production deliveries. A production plan that contains a list of all of the necessary activities that are required to be done within a particular time frame.
Fashion moodboard

What is a Fashion Mood Board and how to create one?

At the start of every new season, fashion designers sift through their research and distil the essence of it into what is commonly referred to as "fashion moodboard". A visual diary of details and inspirations that will later serve as a guideline and constant source of further inspiration while finalising the new collection.
fashion wholesale

How to Excel at Fashion Wholesale with Your Brand

Once you make the decision to go into fashion wholesale with your products, to shops, you will need to ensure that you have all of the necessary supporting materials. These include sales items and selling information packs.

The easy guide to Fashion Sampling

Whether you are new to the industry or seasoned professional, embarking on product fashion sampling is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the design process. 

A fashionista’s guide to the basics of Pattern Grading

Creating pattern for garments is exciting, but the art of pattern grading is a skill not many posses. Yet the mass market relies on it for scale.
finding a pattern cutter

Finding a Pattern Cutter can be easy if you know what to look for

Finding the right pattern cutter for your needs can be a daunting experience. Often people in the industry say that good pattern cutters are like gold dust. Knowing how to find the right one can be hard or easy if you know how to look for one. Read on to learn what to look out for.

The Ultimate “How To” Guide to Working With Denim Fabric

Did you know that it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans! But please don’t let that put you off working with denim. It’s one of the most distinctive, hardwearing and versatile fabrics available for use in the fashion industry.
fashion photography

Fashion Photography Basics

For all the energy you spend designing and creating, it’s a shame if a photograph fails to capture your effort when you put your pieces out into the world. This crash course in Fashion photography will definitely help you master the art, beautifully.

9 Tips To Help You Find The Right Fashion Manufacturer

Finding the right fashion manufacturer for your idea is not an easy task at the best of times. In fact, entering the world of manufacturing can be a heady mix of initial excitement followed by angst, unnecessary expense, and frustration.
communicate design ideas

How to best communicate design ideas (even if you can’t draw)

The fashion industry is a highly visual marketplace. Most designers communicate design ideas through drawing, toiling, and sampling.
best sewing machine

How to Find the Best Sewing Machine for Your Needs

Learning how to sew is a little bit like cycling. Once you learn it, you never forget it. And once you know how to sew – you want the best sewing machine for you...
garment sample making process utelier

Everything You Need To Know About The Sample Making Process

Embarking on garment sample making is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the design process. Bringing your ideas to life in the form of a tangible product is the icing on the cake after months of designing, fabric sourcing and pattern cutting.
finished product utelier process

Turn an idea into a finished product

While in the past one may have had an idea and not done much about it, today - we have an idea and we know we have infinite possibilities to make it happen.
Utelier - fear of public speaking

How to get over your fear of public speaking

Public speaking can help you with everything from winning pitches to gaining exciting PR opportunities so perfecting this art is essential.blog
Utelier Blog - how to create a commercially strong fashion collection

How to design a commercially strong fashion collection

Launching and running a product based fashion brand more often than not revolves around the creation of collections. The quality of these collections and the consistency of that quality and presentation, is often what sets successful brands from the rest.

How To Write A Fashion Press Release

A well-written and curated press release is a sure way to get into the inboxes of key fashion editors. If executed well, it may secure you much desired editorial coverage and publicity.
investing for self-employed

A Guide to Good Investing for Self-Employed Professionals

As the end of the tax year approaches on 5 April 2015, Fashion Insiders spoke to Emma Thyer, from savings and investment service Nutmeg, for guidance on how self-employed people can save money and get a return on their investments.

How to Run a Fashion Competition

Our Media and Fashion Law Expert guides you on how to run a fashion competition

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook

Social media is huge, and arguably one of the biggest changes in the last decade to how we communicate. Utilised correctly, social media can translate into effective and free PR for your brand.
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