Two-hour masterclass led by an industry expert.

About this class 

At Fashion Insiders we support businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to help them create the next successful fashion brands of the future.

Having a great business idea alone is no longer enough. Turning your idea into a viable product is what matters. While it may sound easy at first, the reality is that 99% of designers or entrepreneurs don’t know where to start, how to find a factory or what is the right factory. And even if they did find one, the challenges presented at every step of the way are enough to make you want to give up.

But it needn’t be that hard. Armed with the right knowledge and attitude will ensure your journey into turning your idea into reality is less painful and sets you up for better end results.

Who is this for?

– You have an idea but don’t know where to start.

– You have taken steps into realising your idea but struggling to find the right factory

– You have found a factory but dealing with them is painful and full of errors you seem to always be blamed for

– You are already in business but working with your factories seems like hard work.

– You are already in business and looking to scale up but not sure how to do that – find a new factory, improve margins, move production…..

Masterclass Outline

This event will cover the essentials needed for finding the right factory partner and building a solid, good and long-lasting relationship with them.

Topics covers will be:

    1. Finding the right manufacturing partner – near or far. Know what is the right place for you and your business, don’t just settle for what you are told or be at the mercy of any factory you come across.
    2. What you need to know before you meet a manufacturer – learn how to talk the language of your makers and be seen as someone they want to work with rather than hiding from.
  1. What to do to be seen as professional from day one – start as you mean to go on. Most businesses fail in the first year because they haven’t prepared for success.
  2. What is MOQ, why do factories have it and how that affects you – Understanding the need for a minimum order quantity and what drives it gives you the power to negotiate and organise your business on the right footing.
  3. Common mistakes creatives or business owners make when talking to factories.

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