Imagine you have an idea for a great product and you just know that it will be a hit with your customers. But you just dread the manufacturing process. This Challenge will make you a PRO at connecting with the factory of your choice.

You have tried looking for factories in the past, but it is never easy and it feels like it’s the hardest thing in the world.

If this sounds like you, then take comfort knowing you are not alone.

You’re finding it hard because you are not SUPER clear on what you want to do and suppliers can hear it in your voice. And if you are NOT clear on what you want, you clearly won’t be able to find the best supplier for your product.

The good news is….this is really easy to fix.

In our FREE 5-day fashion ‘manufacturing dread to dream challenge’, I will show you how to stop dreading speaking to manufacturers and instead become their dream client.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What you need to have clear and ready before you contact a manufacturer
  • What a manufacturer wants to know within minutes of you calling them
  • How to best position yourself to a manufacturer so you appear like a PRO

Join the Dread to Dream Challenge and take control! Turn your dread into a dream.

Register here:

Challenge begins: 17th September, Monday at 0800 hrs BST

Join the #DreadToDream Challenge TODAY.

Comment below once you have registered!



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