The last breakfast seminar in our three-part series that took place on Tuesday 21 April 2015 at Harrow Club, London.


We know that PR and Marketing can be a strain on a start-up’s limited budget, but they are the most vital business tools to encourage sales. That’s why we want to help you to feel confident in promoting your business smartly and effectively through the traditional methods, and social media channels.

How will people know about your products if you don’t tell them after all? Knowing how to approach your target customers and offering your product as a must-have item is a key part of your,

Fashion PR and Marketing strategy

The presentation covered:

  • Fashion PR basics
  • What is a press release; approaching fashion editors; images and their role in Fashion PR
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  • Marketing basics
  • What is a look book and marketing pack and why do we need it; trade fair show basics
    Social media
  • Best practices and finding the right platform for your audience.
  • Please bring your business cards for the pre-presentation networking session, and a notepad and questions for the Q & A session.

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