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Do you have a passion for writing?

Do you want to share your start-up or industry experiences, opinions and perspectives with a wider audience? Do you feel passionate about something and want to share with others, teach or help like-minded industry professionals?

We are looking for exciting new writers and content contributors.

But before you get all excited and skip to the bottom to see how to contact us – hold tight and read our terms and requirements.

First things first – the boring stuff:

We do not pay for promotional guest posts.

If you want to promote your brand or business – please contact us for rate card fees through the contact form below.

We will  ONLY accept and reply to serious proposal posts, on subjects that are relevant to our community and readers! (For more information on what we consider relevant,  read below an outline of topics we are interested in.)

No irrelevant links.

We will only accept 1 link per article, that is relevant to the article and to our audience, it is a quality and of value. We will only accept to place this link in the relevant body or at the start of the article.

Here’s why you should write for us:


You will receive worldwide exposure for your articles.

Your post will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of target audience readers. Successfully published articles will be shared on these channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, FB Closed Group, Medium, Linked In and newsletters.

Traffic Back to You

As part of the Bio introduction at the start of your published piece, readers will be able to connect to your Blog, website or a social media of choice via the link provided.

Building Authority and Beyond

By writing for a targeted audience, you will be able to reach the right audience and establish authority in your niche.  Usually, this leads to bigger and better things.

Topics Accepted ( Perspectives, Opinion, Stories)

  • Fashion Manufacturing
  • Fashion Start-up / Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion Business Productivity
  • Fashion Design & Development
  • Fashion Brand Building and Marketing
  • Other ideas not listed here but that relate/affect the fashion industry and its inner workings will be considered.

Writing guidelines

  • Articles must be unique to Fashion Insiders (never before or after published on any other website – we will check this on Copyscape, so please do not submit articles already published)
  • Ideal article length would consist of over 1000 words
  • Quality content with a focus on providing value and knowledge to our readers
  • Written with SEO in mind, preferably based on a keyword/phrase.
  • Well written with good grammar and proper English. 

An example of an article written by a designer from our community, sharing her experiences, can be found here.

How To Get Started

Fill the form below.


You can either give a sample heading or topic here.
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There are no guarantees of acceptance.
We will only post your article if it ADDS GREAT VALUE to our readers.