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Top Tips for Showing your Brand at the Fashion Trade Show


Fashion trade shows are a great opportunity for a new designer brand to announce its arrival on the fashion scene. For those more established, exhibiting at trade shows is just another way to access new national and international buyers.

How to Excel at Fashion Wholesale with Your Brand

fashion wholesale

Once you make the decision to go into fashion wholesale with your products, to shops, you will need to ensure that you have all of the necessary supporting materials. These include sales items and selling information packs.

What is a Garment Tech in the fashion industry?


The mysterious person who liaises with designers, adapts designs to suit production methods, sources fabrics, and accessories, undertakes quality evaluations of materials and responds to product queries, including complaints, from wholesalers and customers is the Garment Tech.

The Questionable Future of Fashion Wholesale?

future of fashion wholesale

Over the last couple of decades, as the online shopping has steadily increased at a fast and furious pace, countless boutiques closed their doors and larger department stores sales suffered – many wonder what is the future of fashion wholesale?