What got you here, won't be enough
to get you to where you want to go.
Together we can go farther and faster.


Choosing to stop feeling like a fashion OUTsider starts right here, right now.
There are currently three ways you can take your next step and discover what is possible when you feel like a fashion INsider.

fashion insiders mentoring dessy tsolova
fashion insiders accelerator club
fashion insiders online courses


1-2-1 mentoring

From your design development, sourcing and manufacture through your pricing and marketing – the small actions you take and the knowledge you apply will define your brand and the results you get. 

To work directly with me, there are a couple of options on how you can do this, offering the flexibility you didn’t know you needed. FIND OUT MORE



Virtual Community, Guided Peer Learning & Support

The Fashion Insiders Club will open its doors very soon. Like a virtual fashion gym, this will be a place where instead of building muscle, we’ll build your fashion brand, your business wealth, and virtual board of advisors.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll discover how to feel on top of “it” and run your business from anywhere.

Sign up below and be the first to know when the doors will open.

Self Paced Online Learning

No matter your location or time of the day, there is a course or class available to help you close the gap.
Practical, in depth fashion industry insights delivered in a non-sugar coated manner. Additional resources make it possible to plug and play and immediately level up your game.


You showed me how to transform my concerns into possibilities, how to adjust to the new situation, how to be current, relevant to the situation, find different ways for growth. I'm happy I have the opportunity to work with you. You have great approach, knowledge, insights. You're inspiring fashion mentor. Your motivation and dedication have been a source of inspiration for me.


Bespoke Fashion Consultant

Working with Dessy has been a fantastic, positive and enjoyable experience and it is because of her knowledge and guidance that I am full of confidence in launching my brand. What I liked most was Dessy's complete honesty about how the industry works and the best way to work in it successfully.

Karen Von Blanckensee

Founder, Greyhorse


Everyone learns in a different way, and noone can know it all. For those moments when you need an extra dose of knowledge or inspiration, we have you covered. Choose your most preferred channel below and start generating serious momentum in a key area of your business!

fashion Insiders podcast
fashion Insiders youtube
fashion Insiders blog

Inspiring conversations, practical tips
and  thought provoking ideas for when you are on the go. FIND OUT MORE


Watch relevant, practical and value packed short videos that you can apply immediately and reap the benefits. WATCH HERE


Long form, informative articles that support you on your journey to building a stronger profitable brand. READ MORE

Working with you is a pure pleasure, because you are very specific, your communication skills are perfect, and you pass the clear message without sugarcoating and all this fluff. We both are passionate by what we do and I believe that makes the whole process even more exciting. Having an accountability buddy in you motivates me to come out of my comfort zone and do what has to be done without overanalyzing and procrastinating. I also love the fact that I can discuss my ideas and concerns with you openly and honestly. The fact that my collection was manufactured successfully without too many negative surprises is the pure result of your coaching and your informative Fashion Manufacturing Mastery course.

Joanna Blein

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