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Legal Corner

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Crowdfunding from a Legal Perspective

If you are considering crowdfunding to launch your fashion product, there are a number of legal issues that should be considered before trying to raise money through a crowdfunding platform. Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans shares his advice to keep you ahead of the game (most of the points are relevant to Equity Crowdfunding).

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utelier blog - legally preparing for investment

Legally Preparing for Investment

Many fashion start-ups seek out investors in order to grow their businesses, but there is a lot that you need to know about investment. Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans has the key information that you need to know.

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utelier fashion law and employment contract

The Law and the Employment Contract

Being a fashion start-up business owner means that you need to wear a lot of hats, and one of the most challenging to make fit, is the legal hat. So this week, Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans explains what issues need to be addressed regarding employment contracts.

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What happens during an intellectual property battle?

There are so many things that you prepare yourself for when launching your fashion business, but no matter how ‘ready’ you are, receiving a letter that could threaten your business, and an intellectual property (IP) battle with a big brand would shock anyone. So what happens when a fashion start-up is told that the unique name created for their brand, is an infringement on a big brand’s trademark? It happened to Michaela Anderson last year, and she shared her journey with us to inform others.

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Anti-Competitive Arrangements Explained – Part 1

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced that it had opened an investigation into suspected ‘anti-competitive arrangements’ in the UK clothing, footwear and fashion sectors. Tahir Basheer, an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm Sheridans, explains what that means for you.

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Utelier - legal fashion advice - Annabelle Gauberti

Interview with Legal Expert Annabelle Gauberti

Legal advice is the one thing that every fashion brand needs but not everyone can afford or makes time for – particularly for young designers and fashion start-up brands. Utelier aims to make sure that fashion professionals are as informed as possible.

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How to choose a legal structure for your business

Making the decision to start your own business is the first of MANY that you will have to make during its lifetime. The decisions that you make in the early stages are of the utmost importance, so take time and professional advice where necessary and make the right choices.

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registered trademark

The Registered Trademark and Your Brand

Brand logos will be gracing the silhouettes of bloggers and many other FROW members this weekend at the London Fashion Week shows – and lusted after by many other fashionistas in attendance.

There is a lot more to branding than simply a product being recognisable to others, as Tahir Basheer – an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm, Sheridans – explains.

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Utelier - fashion start-ups - crowdfunding fashion start-ups - a legal perspective - counterfeiting

Counterfeiting and the Fashion Industry

For a long time, counterfeiting had been considered a necessary evil, especially in the luxury and fashion spheres, but its exponential surge has become such a threat that various business stakeholders are now reacting faster and meaner to contain this epidemic.

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Utelier - Employment Law Myths

Top 10 Employment Law Myths

In fashion we are often surrounded by myths and hear-say information. We spoke to lawyers from Sheridans Employment Group to demistify some of these myths and more…

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