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10 Signs You’re Working with the Wrong Manufacturer

Fashion manufacturing is not for the faint-hearted. Working with the wrong manufacturer can be painful. Manufacturing is like relationships. In fact, it is apt...

5 Important Reasons for Sourcing Materials at Fashion Trade Shows

The reasons why one should attend an industry trade fair have changed over the last few years. But their importance has not diminished, as long as you know what to expect and ma


7 Mistakes Career Changers in Fashion Industry Make The fashion industry is like no other. To those on the outside – it is a glamorous and glitzy industry that looks fun and...

Make mercury retrograde the COO of your fashion business

Have you heard people blame all their troubles on Mercury retrograde? I used to think it was just a phrase people used until I...

In How Many Varieties, Colours & Sizes Should You Launch Your Brand?

Ever wondered what size should you launch your brand in? S, M, L and in what quantities? What about colourways? Should you include more styles in each? Here is your answer.

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