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fashion lookbook

What is a Fashion Lookbook and How to Create one?

Once you have perfected the design process, product development and sample making, your marketing should begin in earnest. Catching the eye of important buyers, press and potential customers can be done in many ways but the most effective is to send out a fashion lookbook.

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21 tips on how to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign

Crowdfunding has become one of the key ways in which small businesses can raise essentials funds to either start up or launch a new area of business or project. While you may not raise as much as money as you would by using an investor, crowdfunding means not parting with any equity.

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fashion photography

Fashion Photography Basics

For all the energy you spend designing and creating, it’s a shame if a photograph fails to capture your effort when you put your pieces out into the world. This crash course in Fashion photography will definitely help you master the art, beautifully.

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The Power of Fashion Collaboration

The landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratized, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces designed in collaboration with another brand or person has proven to be extraordinarily lucrative.

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