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What Should be Your First Step to Start a Fashion Brand?


I have an idea for a clothing fashion brand but I don’t know where to start. What should be my step 1 that’s the most important to do at the start?

Anna from Madrid


What a great question!

Your first step needs to be checking if there is a market for your idea? Most businesses fail because the founder/ designer wakes up with an idea that they think is amazing and become focused on bringing it to market, before checking if the market wants it or even needs it.

So your number 1 step to start a fashion brand should be to validate your idea.

Do some research online and by going to shops (if you live in a location where you can easily visit shops) and make a list of your potential competitors.

  • Make a note of who they are and why you consider them competitors?
  • What products do they have that your potential future product will compete with? Why? How would your product idea be similar or different from theirs?
  • At what prices are they selling their products?

Once you know that, email all your network and post online or meet and discuss in person with actual REAL people (NOT your family and best friend!) your idea.

Would they buy your product? Do they already buy similar and who from? At what price? How often?

Create a list of questions and make sure as much as possible you ask everyone the same questions.

By the end of this process, you should be able to get a general feel for who your potential customer might be and if your idea is needed in the market.

All of this is free and unless you are absolutely clear that there is a need in the market and space for your product and you are clear who your customer might be/is – do not commit money and try to run before you have learnt how to walk.

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