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How to approach fashion clothing manufacturers and get a reply back

fashion clothing manufacturers

It’s not easy to find fashion clothing manufacturers but getting them to reply to you is a whole new level of challenge, most entrepreneurs are not prepared for. When they are ready to start working on their idea they struggle to know where to search to find factories. But once they find a few – […]

5 Challenges Fashion Entrepreneurs Overlook

Here are 5 categories of challenges in fashion business that fashion entrepreneurs fail to focus on at the start of a new brand/business/product launch. This article will help you figure out what you can do about these challenges.

Carréducker – Bespoke Shoemakers for Men

Carreducker Bespoke Shoemakers

Bespoke shoemakers James Ducker and Deborah Carré, who make up the duo known as Carréducker create custom shoes for men, traditionally made and designed with a contemporary aesthetic to suit each client’s individual style.

Made in England – Why Buy British?

Fashion industry professionals including small business owners, students and representatives from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) were among the crowd at the sell-out event in Manchester yesterday evening (Wednesday 29 July)

21 tips on how to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign


Crowdfunding has become one of the key ways in which small businesses can raise essentials funds to either start up or launch a new area of business or project. While you may not raise as much as money as you would by using an investor, crowdfunding means not parting with any equity.

How to design a commercially strong fashion collection

Utelier Blog - how to create a commercially strong fashion collection

Launching and running a product based fashion brand more often than not revolves around the creation of collections. The quality of these collections and the consistency of that quality and presentation, is often what sets successful brands from the rest.

E68: How to Be the Best Fashion CEO for Your Brand

fashion ceo podcast entrepreneurship

Just because you started your brand and it is your “baby” doesn’t mean that you know or have the skills to grow it and make it profitable. And unless it is profitable and operated in a way that allows it to grow – you will be stuck in a hamster wheel feeling exhausted and frustrated. […]

E67: Do something different to sell more with Jane Hamill


Jane Hamill, a successful ex-clothing designer and retailer who saw a growing need in this niche for honest advice and specific step-by-step strategies to run a profitable product business without losing your shirt – or your mind. In this episode, we chat about the need to do something different to sell more as well as […]

E66: Why is my fashion brand not selling?

how to sell more fashion products

If you have a fashion brand chances are at some point or right now you might be wondering why you are not selling – at all or more of your products. It is very common for new brands to launch and sell nothing for a long time. Imagine having spent months and years working on […]

Lessons Learned from Launching a Fashion Fine Jewellery Brand

fine jewelry brand launch tips

If you want to discover what invaluable lessons I learned from launching a fashion fine jewellery brand, then read on. It is often said that hindsight is 20/20 and in the case of launching and growing fashion business, this most certainly is the case. When you are fresh and new to an industry it is […]

E65: Three Lessons Learned from Launching & Growing a Fine Jewellery Brand

Growing a Fine Jewellery Brand

Back in 2008 I launched my very own fine jewellery brand Deci London. Despite knowing so much after working for 10+ years in the fashion industry, launching and growing a brand and business of my own came with a whole new set of learning and lessons I didn’t expect. Reflecting back on running the brand […]

E64: Do What You Love with Anne-Claude from MonPanama

panama hat anne claude monpanama

A childhood love for hats became a thriving business for Swiss-born, Thailand based Anne-Claude, the founder of accessories resort brand Mon Panama. When the pandemic came, the demand for her retail business overnight dried up. But closing down never crossed her mind. Her passion and determination to save her “business child” led her to pivot […]

E63: From Fast Fashion to Slow Circular Brand Building with Monika The Label


Meet Monika Young, a London-based creative, ex-fast fashion buyer and a lover of all things California. When her buying job in Berlin started giving her the blues, she knew she had to make a change. She saw first-hand how fast fashion brands were destroying the planet and she wasn’t down for being part of the […]

E62: Branding vs Direct Response Fashion Business Growth – What is Best?

fashion business growth podcast

Most fashion brand founders chase cash in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. Often if they find financial success at the beginning, they struggle to maintain it and make it last. Others spend years building a “brand” without (seemingly) much success until one day…everything seems to fall into place and money starts to […]

E61: Craft is Sanity and Brand is Vanity with Yusuf Osman

craftis sanity yussico yusuf osman

Yusuf’s passion for making started whilst reading law at The London School of Economics where he thrived in the extracurricular. He continued to explore his creative side whilst training to be a solicitor. An avid workshop taker, he tried the gamut of crafts and discovered a passion for premium natural materials and a flair for […]

E60: Growing Your Brand Via Hybrid Collection Co-creation

fashion hybrid collection co-creation

Most creative brand founders inexperienced in business observe and emulate how others do it. However, so much can be missed and left invisible to a trained eye. In this episode, you’ll discover how to add to your collection range strategically and by taking a lesser risk. Growth can come from many sources and not everything […]

E59: The right fashion collection can attract the right paying customers.

cohesive fashion collection range

Have you seen a skyscraper built on top of a cluster of smaller houses and buildings? No, right? Not possible of course – we all know that. So why are so many creative and fashion brand founders expecting to build and grow a financially successful business based on poorly laid foundations? You may or may […]

E58: Having Cohesive Fashion Collections Can Grow Your Brand (Part 1)

cohesive fashion collections range building

Most creative brand founders and designers overestimate the importance of individual products and design elements and hugely underestimate the importance of having cohesive fashion collections. In fact – most creative brand founders do not understand what “cohesive” means in terms of a fashion collection structure. Listen to this episode and discover: The three key areas […]

057: Growing Your Brand Through Omni Sales Opportunities with Sonia Summan

grow your brand fashion insiders podcast

Meet Sonia Summan – a multi-talented fashion industry expert who has spent 20+ years specialising in sales for a wide range of brands from the high street to the luxury segment of the industry. Quite honestly – there is nothing Sonia doesn’t know about growing a fashion brand vis a vis different routes to market. […]

E56: Struggling to grow your fashion brand? Here’s why…

grow your fashion brand

More than half of those brands that launch close doors within a year or two of launch. Many struggle a little longer and join the long list of brands that once had so much promise and then they no longer could be sustained. If you wonder why or feel like you are one of those […]

E55: How a self-taught artist became a designer for Hermes with Arlette Ess

self-taught artist became a designer for Hermes

Meet Arlette Ess – a self-taught artist and ex-model who turned her art into wearable creations. And not only that…her works of art can now be bought at Hermes – the luxury brand that exemplifies art, craft and luxury. Listen to this episode and discover: How Arlette got her start in the fashion industry Why […]

E54: Great Fashion Brand Founders Ask Great Questions

great fashion leaders ask great questions

The great creative brand founders, leaders and fashion business CEOs ask the best questions in order to get the right information. This is what ultimately distinguishes those who succeed from those who flounder and disappear. To find the right people to work with or hire and generally speaking great decisions are made as a result […]

E53: The importance of creative collaborations in business

creative collaborations

Following on from the last episode setting out business trends to be mindful of throughout 2022, in this episode Dessy speaks to Karolina Barnes about the importance of creative collaborations as a growth business strategy. Episode notes: Listen to the episode and discover … Why this year all brands will have to reinvent themselves Why […]

051: 3 Reasons Why It‘s Important To Have a Niche In Your Fashion Business

niche in your fashion business podcast

To niche or not to niche is the question most ambitious fashion would be fashion-preneurs and brand founders should ask themselves but oftentimes don’t. The result is often struggling to find success, frustration and loss of time and money. In this episode, you will discover why less is more when it comes to launching a […]

Why using leftover fabric is good for the fashion industry


Leftover fabric, deadstock materials, surplus stock…these are words that a decade ago were not part of the fashion vocabulary. If you had included them in a fashion conversation, you would have raised eyebrows. Yet today, they are as much part of the vernacular as any other fashion term. It is no wonder that fashion is […]

Vegan Leather vs Real Animal Leather: the race towards sustainable fashion

apple vegan leather

Vegan Leather or Real Animal Leather? Sustainability and making fashion more responsible and better for the planet have been on the global environmental agenda for a number of years now. The current pandemic has magnified the issue even more and made creative entrepreneurs and consumers alike be more conscientious about their daily choices. According to […]

Think globally but manufacture fashion locally

global vs local manufacturing fashion insiders dessy tsolova

What a phenomenal time to be alive. There has been no other time in the history of humankind when so much has changed in such a short period of time. When the opportunities we have, outnumber the obstacles we face. [The original version of this article was first published at Estila magazine Vol 12 / […]

Interview with Dessy: What is the future of the fashion industry?

fashion Insiders podcast

While we are going through these unprecedented times caused by Covid-19, many fashion start-ups and independent fashion brands might be thinking about how the industry will change and what the future of the fashion industry be in future. > This interview was published at Estila Magazine < Today I’m talking to Dessy Tsolova from Fashion Insiders […]

9 Effective Ways to Launch and Grow a Fashion Brand Online

launch and grow a fashion brand online in 2020

To launch and grow a fashion brand online seems like a glamorous way to make a living. Fashionistas and those with an eye for style would be perfect for this job. Unfortunately, there’s more to selling stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories in today’s overcrowded online space. Most businesses usually start small. To launch and grow […]

The 9 C’s vital to how to grow a fashion brand in 2020


Knowing how to grow a fashion brand is always useful, least of all because it can be very costly. I often say that launching and growing a fashion business is akin to throwing money into a black hole. You always need to put in more and the returns are rarely apparent and immediate. But in […]

The future of the fashion manufacturing supply chain, after the Corona Virus Pandemic

fashion supply chain

The future of the fashion manufacturing supply chain is hanging in the balance. A time bomb ticking quietly unnoticed. The current situation of worldwide quarantine, a result of the COVID19 Corona Virus pandemic will undoubtedly have a long-lasting effect on almost every aspect of life as we know it. The fashion industry will see heavy […]

10 Top Signs You’re Working with the Wrong Manufacturer

working with the wrong manufacturer

Fashion manufacturing is not for the faint-hearted. Working with the wrong manufacturer can be painful. Fashion manufacturing is like relationships. In fact, it is apt to compare the process to dating…Pick the right fashion factory – and you’ll live happily ever after. Pick the wrong one – and life will not be worth living. Regardless […]

7 Great Lessons from the Next In Fashion on Netflix series

fashion design competition next in fashion netflix minju kim

The end of January saw the release of a new fashion competition TV show series – Next In Fashion on Netflix. The premise of the 10-episode show Next In Fashion was – win $250 000 cash prize and being stocked at Net a Porter. 18 fashion designers who were pre-selected to take part, were initially paired […]

Sustainable Fashion Terminology Explained


Sustainable fashion terminology can be confusing to most. Like many other industries, fashion is shaped by economic and political forces. It is like a living organism – always evolving and changing. I’m sure – like me – you must find it hard to keep up with all the terminology used by industry insiders. Not only […]

The Global Rise of Cruelty-Free Fashion

silkworm cocoons

The rise of cruelty-free fashion and beauty brands is apparent and all around us. Over the last few years, keen followers of fashion, no doubt would have noticed a sharp increase in consumers seeking more conscious fashion choices. For many, the search led them to nowhere. Others chose to do something it and launched their […]

How to Clear Excess Stock and the Importance of It to Your Fashion Brand

excess stock fashion rail sale

In product-based businesses, the issue of excess stock is often a problem that is overlooked. It is, in fact, one of the silent killers known to the fashion business. Being aware of it and actively managing “it” is imperative for the health of any fashion business. Keeping it as low as possible is the ultimate […]

Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk – Not Just Another Fashion Brand

cruelty-free fashion

True entrepreneurs are often driven by a resilient sense of mission. They don’t start businesses out of a desire, but out of need and want to change the world in their own small or large way. More and more lately we see such social entrepreneurs appear in the fashion industry. They launch fashion brands as […]

9 easy ideas to increase sales for your fashion brand

increase sales for your fashion brand

Many fashion brand owners and entrepreneurs I speak to often complain about lack of sales and ask “how do you increase sales for your fashion brand”? They blame the economy, social media and everything under the sun. Their brands and businesses suffer, struggle and often close because of no sales. The reality is somewhat different. […]

The Secret Sauce to a Successful Cohesive Fashion Collection

cohesive fashion collection design

Designing a fashion collection is relatively easy. Anyone can do it. But creating and putting together a cohesive fashion collection that sells requires you to know the secret sauce. Say YES if you want to know the secret ingredients? Because we live in an age where we all want the recipe and a step by […]

The Top Seven Fashion Pricing Strategy Mistakes Brands Must Avoid

Fashion pricing strategy is one of the most challenging areas for fashion apparel and accessories brands. For the most part, the challenge is due to product (SKU) complexity, relatively limited item comparability within (especially small) brands and frequent flow of new collections. Pricing fashion products historically has involved more art than science. Being that most […]

Points of Measure: Helping Fashion Startups Succeed


Graduating with both a degree in Accounting and Apparel Design, it is no wonder that Natalie Smith married her love for exactness and passion for fashion and creativity. “Points of Measure” was the result of these converging interests. An online fashion education platform, helping fashion startups how to DIY, and just overall lending support and […]

How to Build Fashion Brand Trust Faster

fashion brand trust

In today’s oversaturated market, to build fashion brand trust, stand out and build or create a loyal following is not so easy. Not impossible, but not easy compared to even a few short years back even. For any business to survive not only do you need to have a good product that fills the hole […]

How to Infuse “Know, Like, Trust” Factor Into Your Fashion Brand


Infusing your fashion brand with Know Like Trust factor is incredibly important in today’s oversaturated designer fashion market. Or any industry for that matter. Gone are the days when, if you served your customers nicely, helped them over the phone or didn’t make a fuss when they returned something they stayed loyal and came time […]

Wenlin Studio: Empowering Communities Through Pursuit of Beauty

hand embroidery in work

Gul E Raana is the founder and creative force behind the hand embroidery London based brand – Wenlin Studio. Though only a couple of years old, the brand has a clear mission that resonates with their growing loyal clientele – to create ethical and responsible fashion products while empowering small communities of artisans. As big […]

How to Launch Your Fashion Brand According to Your Niche (Part 3)

fashion niche grow your fashion brand

To launch a fashion brand to a specific niche of customers or market is an age-old tested recipe for business success. To grow your fashion brand is a whole other story. In this final instalment of our 3 part series, we show you how to do it and why it is important in fashion to […]

How to Launch Your Fashion Brand According to Your Niche (Part 2)


To launch a fashion brand to a specific niche of customers or market is an age-old tested recipe for business success. In these 3 part series, we show you how to do it and why it is important in fashion to follow and apply what already is proven to work well. In part 1 of […]

How to Launch Your Fashion Brand According to Your Niche (Part I)

When starting a fashion business, much like starting any business, there are some rules that apply and are there for a reason. Rule number one is to know your niche. That knowledge is the foundation for any successful business (be it a product or service-based) because it has an influence over every aspect of the […]

The Challenge Western Brands Face in Working with Clothing Manufacturers Overseas


Working with clothing manufacturers overseas is a natural progression for many fashion brands. The move is often necessitated by two main factors – a need for larger volume production or a necessity to reduce costs and increase margins. Finding clothing manufacturers overseas or any fashion manufacturers for that matter has got easier over the last […]

When to Look For a Manufacturer – Before or After Crowdfunding Campaign ?

kickstarter corwdfunding campaign

  QUESTION: When should I look for a manufacturer – before or after the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign I plan to do, to raise funds, to launch my business? Astrid, Oslo (Norway)   Hey Astrid, great question! Launching via a Kickstarter type of crowdfunding campaign is a great new way to leverage the power of the […]

7 Mistakes Career Changers in Fashion Industry Make

The fashion industry is like no other. To those on the outside – it is a glamorous and glitzy industry that looks fun and promises fame and riches. The truth is far from it. Yet there is no shortage of career changers willing and wanting to try their luck in it. Where those who hadn’t […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Not to Discount Your Fashion Brand Products


The 2008 global recession has a lot to answer for. Aside from so many fashion brands and retailers closing doors and filing for bankruptcy, many barely survived by adopting a discounting strategy and reducing their stock inventory by heavily reducing the retail price of their products. The discounting strategy fiasco wasn’t a one-off. It lasted […]

5 Ways Startups Can Use Tech Packs to Cut Costs and Save Time

Tech packs! Love them or hate them, if you’re in fashion – you simply need them! Like anything in life, the quality of the outcome depends on the quality of the input. In fashion, this is truer than in most other industries. Without a proper brief, a visual and verbal accurate communication, the end result […]

Why do so many fashion brands fail?

fashion brands fail business

For an industry as dynamic and fast-paced as fashion, why do so many fashion brands fail? A topic that’s covered more and more of late, in the wake of so many retail stalwarts and iconic fashion brands filing for bankruptcy. The fashion industry is famous for its smoke and mirror image. Things are never how […]

How to Grow your Fashion Business by Stepping Outside the Box

To grow your fashion business you need to not only be visually creative but also be creative with how you conduct business, your strategy, marketing and all aspects that cumulatively contribute to the success of a business. Following “tried and tested” methodology is no longer a guarantee for success. So what now then? Too many […]

The Rise of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing

The terms “ethical (fashion) manufacturing” and “sustainability” have become the buzz words of our generation. But are they just a marketing gimmick or do brands and customers really care about the issues? One of the many great things about the internet era we live in is access to information. Everything and anything, 24/7. It is […]

6 Most Widely Used Garment Printing Techniques

printing techniques

Were you aware that there are six, yes six popular methods presently used to transfer coloured patterns onto cloth? No, neither did I. With so many different available options, it is useful to know what is the best method for different projects, and why are some methods so much more expensive than others? Let’s dive […]

9 Tips for Planning a Fashion Photoshoot

fashion photoshoot

To plan a fashion photoshoot is incredibly time-consuming and setting aside weeks, and even months, to arrange everything is quite common. The more time you give yourself, the less stressful the experience. Once your samples have been produced and have passed all of the fit and quality tests, selling your range and marketing will, no […]

Make mercury retrograde the COO of your fashion business

mercury retrograde good for business

Have you heard people blame all their troubles on Mercury retrograde? I used to think it was just a phrase people used until I looked into it a little more and learnt there was some logic to passing blame on Mercury. But the more I read about it, the more I realised the genius of […]

Solo Entrepreneurship – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Starting a business on one’s own is never easy. But starting one in the fashion arena is a particularly steep hill to climb, full of lessons and paved with expensive mistakes. After a long and successful corporate career, Hema Selvaraj decided to do just that – launch a jewellery brand. Here she takes a look […]

How to Finance a Fashion Business?

how to finance a fashion business

Knowing how to finance a fashion business is one of the essential requirements for staying in business. Read our 5 top tips on how to find funds for your fashion idea.

What is a Fashion Buying Agency? – By Ayushi Nath

fashion buying agency

Foreign brands that work in Asia often do so with the help of buying agencies. Ayushi Nath, a fashion designer at Impulse buying agency based in India, shares the inner working of a design and manufacturing agency.

The Fashion Switch: The New Rules of Fashion Business

fashion switch fashion business

The Fashion Switch is an essential easy read for anyone interested to start a fashion business or even for those who are already in the industry. It is insightful and practical, peppered with case studies and examples of business mistakes or wins.

Sunshine Apparels Scarf Manufacturing in India

We are all aware that the fashion industry is saturated with product. Yet many factories all over the world produce products one can argue there is enough of. But then again – appearances can be deceptive. We recently met with the owner of Sunshine Apparels, R.T. Bajpai. Read on to learn more about this Indian […]

Tushar Handworks – Limitless Innovation and Design

Tushar Handworks is an Indian garment manufacturer, not afraid of experimentation and who takes new challenges in their stride. The designer cum manufacturer- Tushar, talks to Fashion Insiders openly about the changes he has implemented to adapt to the competitive times, sustainable fashion and qualities that make a good a customer.

MAES London: No job is too big or too small

Maes London

Maes London may not be a name you recognise right now, but if you’re a fashion designer based in London, soon you will. Diana, the bubbly and energetic founder behind it is not someone who mulls over ideas. Instead, she springs into action and does the impossible.

11 Top Tips for Working with Indian Manufacturers


Working with Indian manufacturers offshore is a good option for any growing fashion brand looking to improve margin, but before you embark, consider these wise words and the benefit of others experiences.

The One Thing by Gary Keller


The One Thing by Gary Keller is an insightful book about eliminating what you want less and including what you want more. The One Thing reaches to a near about perfection in delivering what it promises – mastering ONE THING.

The Basics of How to Start a Fashion Business

fashion business

Starting your own brand can be the most exciting thing in the world. Designing your dream line and the prestige of selling your collections in renowned stores are surely very enticing. However, the reality of setting up shop will be something entirely different to your initial perceived idea. Read up and find out what is vitally important to know before you start.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


A succinct, engaging, and practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul. Always wanted to write, start your own business, or paint? What is stopping you?

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand


Atlas Shrugged is a black and white story of characters that are destroying themselves for reasons that will baffle you. It is not a story for the faint-hearted.

What is “Just In Time” Manufacturing?

Just in time manufacturing

In the 1940s the Toyota Motor Company pioneered a type of manufacturing called “Just-In-Time.” Its objective was to eliminate waste, inconsistencies, and unreasonable requirements from the production process, thus resulting in improved productivity. Simply put, it meant making only what was needed, when it was needed, and in the amount needed.

What is a Garment Tech in the fashion industry?


The mysterious person who liaises with designers, adapts designs to suit production methods, sources fabrics, and accessories, undertakes quality evaluations of materials and responds to product queries, including complaints, from wholesalers and customers is the Garment Tech.

The Ultimate “How To” Guide to Working With Denim Fabric

Did you know that it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans! But please don’t let that put you off working with denim. It’s one of the most distinctive, hardwearing and versatile fabrics available for use in the fashion industry.

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

Ask any successful entrepreneur what book has helped and influenced them most, and chances are most will mention this perennial favourite. Dale Carnegie’s best seller, written in 1937 is timeless and as relevant as ever before, even in today’s competitive world.

Fashion Photography Basics

fashion photography

For all the energy you spend designing and creating, it’s a shame if a photograph fails to capture your effort when you put your pieces out into the world. This crash course in Fashion photography will definitely help you master the art, beautifully.

How to Find the Best Sewing Machine for Your Needs

best sewing machine

Learning how to sew is a little bit like cycling. Once you learn it, you never forget it. And once you know how to sew – you want the best sewing machine for you and your projects. Finding the best one is not that hard. But finding the right machine takes a little bit longer […]

Changing Dynamics of Garment Manufacturing in India

meenal malhotra indian garment manufacturing

India based Meenal Malhotra caught the fashion bug post her MBA stint in Finance and Marketing. After gaining some insights into the fashion industry whilst working with Masaba, the well-known fashion designer from India, she decided to set up a factory of her own – R and M Enterprises.

The Questionable Future of Fashion Wholesale?

future of fashion wholesale

Over the last couple of decades, as the online shopping has steadily increased at a fast and furious pace, countless boutiques closed their doors and larger department stores sales suffered – many wonder what is the future of fashion wholesale?

3 tips for launching a website in no time and on a budget


Launching a website is no longer a choice for a business. Regardless of the size, industry and location – not having a website is like not having a name. So what can you do on a budget? A lot more than you might think is the answer.

Talking pattern cutting with Monisola Omotoso

monisola omotoso pattern cutting get the best out of your pattern cutter

Within the industry, the roles of designer and pattern cutter are mutually exclusive. This is really strange, as without the Pattern Cutter, the designer’s vision can’t be realised.

Fashion Business Notes from India

Utelier India Garment Fair IIGF

Team Fashion Insiders swaps continents and goes to India for a week packed with exploring a new market, forging new contacts, connections and absorbing new experiences and lessons.

7 Most Common Fashion Business Mistakes

Fashion business mistakes are easy to make and hard to correct. Seemingly small, they can fast lead to the death of your business in a matter of months or less. We look at what they are and how to avoid them.

Business Crowdfunding for Fashion Brands

investing for self-employed

Many emerging designers are making the decision to crowdfund their projects – a great post-recession fundraiser – to create a product that they love and know their target consumers will also love, and buy.

5 tested tips for finding the right fashion manufacturer

Utelier - finding the right fashion manufacturer

Finding a good manufacturer is not as tricky as many believe it to be. Like with any first business meeting, you need to go prepared and armed with clear information about who you are, what your business is about, where you want to go, and what you need out of this meeting.

5 Reasons You Need a Business Mentor

utelier - business mentor

Having a mentor is one of the things in life that those that most need it – either don’t know about it or don’t know how to find one; and those that we would consider as least needing one i.e. they are already successful – almost without fail currently have or have had one in the past, because they know and understand the value a good advisor brings.

Simple Fashion Branding Basics for Start-Ups

Utelier - fashion branding basics

Once upon a time, not that long ago, the word “logo” was synonymous to “brand”. Fast forward a couple of decades and today a “logo” is merely a shadow of a “brand”, but nowhere near what a “brand” is. Yet – not many people seem to make the distinction and realise this. Especially start ups.

Garment Manufacturer Plus Samples Ltd.


Utelier’s visit to a NW London factory specialising in high end (ready to wear) ladieswear soft separates garment pattern development, grading, sampling and small run production.

How to Network Even If You Hate It

Utelier - how to network even if you hate it

Being in the fashion industry means that you have to schmooze (read: network as a professional) at events. But being a fashion business owner means that you have to effectively network with a range of people, at a number of different events.

Finding Investors for Your Fashion Business

Utelier- investors

If you have decided that finding an investor for your fashion business is the best option for you, here is some advice on how to prepare yourself to find the right one; whether you’re looking for a venture capitalist, an angel investor, a super-angel or a growth investor.

4 Top Tips for Working With Bloggers

working with bloggers - tips from

Working with bloggers has become a mainstream modus operandi for anyone looking to gain media exposure for their brand. Here are some tips and tricks.

5 Top Tips for a Successful Pop-Up Shop

utelier pop-up shop

Have you thought about running a pop-up shop to sell your products? If you are, there are many points to consider to ensure that your brand’s message is translated to your target audience.

Marc Worth: Ten Commandments for Your Fashion Business

Utelier - Marc Worth - Ten Commandments

At the Enterprise Nation’s Fashion Exchange event on Wednesday 16 September, Founder of WGSN and CEO of Stylus, Marc Worth shared his advice with fashion entrepreneurs on running a successful fashion business. It was a day filled with entrepreneurial spirit, and fashion professionals sharing knowledge and experience, and making new contacts.

What a Manufacturer of Leathergoods Wants You to Know


BeTangible is a leathergoods and sample-making manufacturer, based in Ubrique, Spain, co-founded by ex-colleagues Pepe Montiel and Manuel Millan. They met during their careers at a larger fashion manufacturer, and both had grown tired of certain practices.

Getting Trade Press for Your Fashion Business

Fashion PR

The editor of U Magazine attended a talk at last week’s International Jewellery London show, on the ways in which fashion brands and designers could work effectively with the trade press.

I Can Make Shoes: the Business of Handmade Footwear

Handmade Footwear I Can Make Shoes

Amanda Overs, 29, is the founder of the innovative fashion business, I Can Make Shoes. Over the past five years, people from any background have been able to join a class to make a pair of shoes from scratch that they can keep.

Design and Product Development

utelier - design and product development - fashion start-ups

It is no secret that the fashion industry is predominantly a product-based industry. Success is often underpinned by great design, strong product and well-structured collections. Learn how to translate your ideas correctly into the products that you want.

The Best Ways to Allocate Your Budget

Utelier - allocating the budget - fashion start-upsp

Rarely does a new business start with enough money to last until a profit is turned. It might happen in the movies, but what happens in real life – more often than not – is that you start spending some or all of the capital you have raised.

Equity vs. Debt


Financing a business can come in many forms, but regardless of how you raise cash, more often than not you will be dealing with equity or debt. So, let’s explain what they are, and how they can work for or against us.

What happens during an intellectual property battle?


There are so many things that you prepare yourself for when launching your fashion business, but no matter how ‘ready’ you are, receiving a letter that could threaten your business, and an intellectual property (IP) battle with a big brand would shock anyone. So what happens when a fashion start-up is told that the unique name created for their brand, is an infringement on a big brand’s trademark? It happened to Michaela Anderson last year, and she shared her journey with us to inform others.

Eyewear: In search of the perfect fit

Utelier - Sandra Battistel - Eyespectacle - Eyewear Design

Sandra Battistel is an eyewear designer with more than 20 years of experience. She is also the editor of eyewear blog, EyeSpectacle where she shares her ideas and thoughts on eyewear, and celebrates independent brands. Here, she shares her excitement about an innovative solution for getting glasses to have the ‘perfect fit’.

6 things to remember when launching a fashion business

launching a fashion business

Well done! You’re about to launch your fashion business, there is so much you need to focus on and your mind is busy with endless to-do lists. We’ve compiled the key things that you need to bear in mind to give you clarity, and act efficiently and effectively.

ACID: Anti Copying In Design

ACID Anti Copying In Design

Anti Copying In Design (ACID) is a trade organisation set up by designers for designers & manufacturers, to help them protect their intellectual property.

3 Top Tips for Better Fashion Product Pricing

Utelier - fashion product pricing for profit

Fashion product pricing is essential, yet tricky to get right. To make your fashion business work, one of the key things you must do is make a profit. Learn what is required in order to get the price right outright.

MYB Textiles Mill Video

[vc_row][vc_column] [bs-embed url=”” title=”Video / Embed” show_title=”1″ icon=”” heading_color=”” heading_style=”default” bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″ bs-text-color-scheme=”” css=”” custom-css-class=”” custom-id=””] [/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Over the years MYB Textiles have invested heavily in developing and modernising the production techniques involved in creating Scottish and Madras lace. In this video, they guide us through the history of the company as well as […]

How To Write A Fashion Press Release


A well-written and curated press release is a sure way to get into the inboxes of key fashion editors. If executed well, it may secure you much desired editorial coverage and publicity.

Diane von Furstenberg: The Woman I Wanted to Be

The Woman I Wanted to Be - Diane von Furstenberg

This is Diane von Furstenberg’s personal memoir and it is raw. It may seem like an explanation of who she is, why she works hard and the pride she takes in her profession. But, it goes deeper than that.

Business Planning for Success


Imagine this – you have a great idea, you want to start your own business and everyone you tell is supportive and encouraging, and then they tell you firmly in a non-negotiable tone of voice, “You MUST write a business plan!”

Engage Your Virtual Focus Group for InstaValue


You’ve researched who you want to target on Twitter. Your Instagram curation shows potential followers exactly what your brand is about. Your Facebook fans are liking your posts daily, and your Pinterest photos are beautifully styled mood boards.

Celebrity Gifting: A Sound Marketing Strategy?


Imagine making one of your products: designing it, sourcing materials, manufacturing it and then putting it through vigorous quality control measures, and then giving it to someone for free.

UK Garment Factory Workers Under Threat

utelier - factory workers

It’s important to remember on this Fashion Revolution Day and two-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster that unethical treatment of factory workers lives on, and not just in Asian countries.

What We Didn’t Know About Leather


Hannah Stewart, a Product Account Manager at a London-based fashion company woke up at 5.30am recently, to travel two and a half hours from her London home to Northampton. She was attending the BLC Leather Technology Centre’s ‘Understanding Leather Course’, led by Barry Wood – a leather technician who has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years.

Build A Fashion Website – The Legal Steps, Part 2


Following on from last week’s Building A Website – The Legal Steps, Part 1, where Tahir Basheer offered advice on finding a domain name, your website content and data, this week he concludes the two part-series.

A Guide to Good Investing for Self-Employed Professionals

investing for self-employed

As the end of the tax year approaches on 5 April 2015, Fashion Insiders spoke to Emma Thyer, from savings and investment service Nutmeg, for guidance on how self-employed people can save money and get a return on their investments.

The Registered Trademark and Your Brand

registered trademark

Brand logos will be gracing the silhouettes of bloggers and many other FROW members this weekend at the London Fashion Week shows – and lusted after by many other fashionistas in attendance.

There is a lot more to branding than simply a product being recognisable to others, as Tahir Basheer – an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm, Sheridans – explains.

The Benefits of Crowdfunding Fashion Start-Ups

Utelier - fashion start-ups - crowdfunding fashion start-ups - a legal perspective - counterfeiting

We were fortunate enough to engage with the motivational force that is Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding consultant based in America. She has been named among the ‘Top 100 Thought Leaders in Crowdfunding Today’.

The Pre-Business Plan


Working in fashion is often not for the faint hearted. But starting your own business, your own brand – as some would say – that’s a different ball game.

Fashion Insiders Launches The Toolkit Series

Utelier Toolkit Series

Over the coming months, in addition to our regular interviews with our network of designers and manufacturers, and industry news scoops, Insider will introduce a regular series of articles on how to set up your own new fashion business.

5 Not-So-New Business Resolutions

communicate your designs

Take the root of the word more literally and create a movement to resolve your business. There is hope and it is not too late, so, recalibrate and let’s recalculate your 2015 journey.

Natasha Hulse – The Beauty of Print Textiles

Natasha Hulse Print Design

Natasha Hulse is the owner of Natasha LG Hulse Design and a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design. She specialises in print design, and her womenswear collections feature bold colours and flowing, yet well-structured garments.

Multi-Cultural Business Challenges

Utelier - multi-cultural business challenges

The fashion industry is multi-national, multi-cultural and multilingual, with the latter approached in a technical manner and interpretation often ignored.

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook


Social media is huge, and arguably one of the biggest changes in the last decade to how we communicate. Utilised correctly, social media can translate into effective and free PR for your brand.

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer

Ever wondered if you can be a good ‘boss’ without being mean and hated? Do you fall asleep at the thought of a business book? Love food and a good ‘How I Made It’ story? If your answers are yes, yes and yes – you are in luck, there is a book that ticks all three boxes.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Public Relations: Part Two

Utelier Blog - Top 10 Tips for Successful PR

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the world of fashion has never before been as competitive as it is today. To start with an idea is easy in comparison to turning that acorn of an idea into a successful business. There are many prerequisites in the recipe for success but one of the main ingredients is PR. Here are our top tips on how to market your brand.

Top 10 Tips for Successful PR: Part One

Utelier Blog - Top 10 Tips for Successful PR

There are many prerequisites in the recipe for success but one of the main ingredients is PR. While the world of press has also evolved and changed, few things however still remain relevant and necessary to do, in order to garner attention. Here is our top tips

Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb Set to Grow

Utelier - John Lobb

One of the most respected welted shoemakers John Lobb, has been producing shoes since the mid-19th Century. Now, this Northampton-based £25m business is set to grow.

MYB Textiles – The Modern Lace Makers

MYB Textiles - Blog

Lace has long been a treasured decorative element for fashion, interiors and hosiery. Yet when we talk about lace and the manufacture and making of it, we don’t usually think of lace and British manufacture in the same sentence. But surprisingly, we should! MYB Textiles based in Scotland is a lace manufacturer success story worth sharing and we find out exactly why from Wendy Murray from MYB Textiles.

“No Comment” – The Art of Being Hermes


As anyone who knows or follows the luxury goods industry will tell you – there are luxury goods companies and then – there is Hermes. The family owned leather goods maker is a true champion of “the art of craft”. They continuously find new ways to educate and showcase what true craftsmanship means be it through pop up exhibitions, store demonstrations or videos. The latest new initiative paying respect to the true unsung heros behind the brand are a series of videos simple titled “No Comment”.

ASOS – As Seen on Success


Nick Robertson the CEO of ASOS, the world-renowned online fashion retailer for twenty-somethings, describes his journey of becoming the second largest online retailer on the planet as being ‘luck at every junction’.

Shop Til’ You Pop


Pop-up shops are taking over the retail world but what exactly is a shop that pops up? Pop-up shops are temporary stores at a designated venue, the purpose of which is to attract the consumer with something exclusive and exciting. Layla Webster delves to find out more.

Top 10 Employment Law Myths

Utelier - Employment Law Myths

In fashion we are often surrounded by myths and hear-say information. We spoke to lawyers from Sheridans Employment Group to demistify some of these myths and more…