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In How Many Varieties, Colours & Sizes Should You Launch Your Brand?


Initially, with how many varieties, style, colours and sizes, shall I launch my business?

Sanghamitra from India

Before I answer the question, let me tell you something I tell everyone – all – the – time!

Building a fashion brand is like a Black Hole. No matter how much money you pour into it, there is very little chance of any coming back to you – sometimes for a very long time and sometimes – EVER!

So, with this in mind, my advice would be, (especially if you are new to launching your brand if this is your first fashion brand or you’re new to the fashion industry as a whole) to start small and slow.

After you have designed to your heart’s desire and researched into your target customer and defined your target market, show your sketches and ideas to some of your Perfect Customers and get some initial feedback.

Then pick one product that you have identified as a “winner’ and make it.

Try not to make more than 1-3 products at this point. Keep the colourways to a minimum and if you need to have sizes – again – keep to the most popular.

The objective of this exercise is to test the assumptions you have made so far – the assumption that there is a product-market fit for your product. You need to get actual proof that people will be willing to part with cash in exchange for owing your product.

“Launch” is just a word that means nothing, unless you have an excited audience, a strong following and people eagerly waiting for your product to become available to buy. If like most start-ups you don’t have that, then there is no need to “launch” as large brands do. Instead, you need to introduce your product to buyers and take it from there.

Sell and gather feedback. Then improve and repeat. Do it slowly, step by step and every time grow a little until you have the confidence and audience to “Launch” to.

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