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E52: A preview of 2022 fashion industry’s core themes to pay attention to.

As we turn the leaf to a new year – what can we expect from a year that follows on from an already very challenging past couple of years?

In this episode, Dessy discussed five core themes she believes are important to take note of and be mindful of as the new year unfolds.

Episode notes:

Discover how the core themes of 2022 will affect your fashion brand and business:

  • Survival
  • Think Global and act locally
  • 360 Degrees Sustainability by Design
  • Less is More
  • Community First
  • Bonus: Collaborations

Key Takeaways:

  • Fashion brands must evaluate their business and find ways to strengthen their supply chains, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics networks, with a renewed focus on being agile, sustainable, transparent and exercising better cost management.
  • It’s time to talk less and act more. Greater effort needs to come from the initial stages of the design process, sourcing of materials, how we look at merchandising, production, marketing and sales, consumption and then disposal.
  • A survey compiled by McKinsley indicates that the consumer mindset is not strongly tied to the fashion cycle. This offers greater freedom and opportunities to small emerging brands.


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