niche in your fashion business podcast

To niche or not to niche is the question most ambitious fashion would be fashion-preneurs and brand founders should ask themselves but oftentimes don’t. The result is often struggling to find success, frustration and loss of time and money.

In this episode, you will discover why less is more when it comes to launching a new product line or a brand for the first time.

Episode Notes:

In this episode, discover:

  • Why it is important to launch small-ER range and not be everything to everyone all too soon;
  • What are the three core business areas that you need to be mindful of when launching a new brand or product line;
  • Why “less” is better than “more” and what that means to your business (hint: it is a good thing);
  • Some examples of successful brands that focused their offer and used the learnings to build a big and successful, profitable business.


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