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E67: Do something different to sell more with Jane Hamill

Jane Hamill, a successful ex-clothing designer and retailer who saw a growing need in this niche for honest advice and specific step-by-step strategies to run a profitable product business without losing your shirt – or your mind.

In this episode, we chat about the need to do something different to sell more as well as all things fashion business, lessons learned from mistakes made and what works now that leads to more sales.

Discover more in this episode:

  • 6:00 – pricing fears when launching your brand for the first time
  • The reasons why we underprice 
  • The mistakes Jane and Dessy made early on with their brands 
  • Why “copy-paste” what others do is not a sustainable business strategy
  • The importance of stock management 
  • 12:00 wholesale – the role it plays in business in today’s day and age
  • 19:00 the need to have a backup plan for suppliers, especially in times of economic downturn
  • 20:00 – lessons about managing inventory
  • How to pivot and adapt to tough times as a brand
  • 25:00 what helps a brand to do well in business one course of income
  • 30:00 Success w FB ads
  • 39:00 Janes advise how to make more sales

Key Takeaways:

  • “I want to give people a good deal” is NOT the mindset to have if you want to operate a profitable sustainable business;
  • “ …that’s working for them, I better do it too” – a common mistake made by many new creative entrepreneurs;
  • “It’s way more fun to have lots of little bosses than one big boss” is the advantage of selling DTC versus Wholesale;
  • “Inventory is your biggest expense”
  • “Your relationship with the customer is the most important thing!”
  • If we learned one thing from the pandemic is that we cannot just rely on one source of income.


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Instagram: @janehamillchi

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Dessy is the author of Become a Fashion Insider book and the founder of Fashion Insiders & Co – an online platform supporting fashion and creative entrepreneurs who are in the process of launching and growing purpose-driven brands. (Buy the book here: )

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