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E66: Why is my fashion brand not selling?

If you have a fashion brand chances are at some point or right now you might be wondering why you are not selling – at all or more of your products.

It is very common for new brands to launch and sell nothing for a long time. Imagine having spent months and years working on your brand and a vast amount of time and money and then silence. No traffic to your website, no sales…and everyone you ask telling you how nice your product is. This is the reality for many newly launched brands.

Then a few years later – you are not selling enough – you know you can sell more but why is it not happening?

The answer for many is simple and hiding in plain sight.

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • The four reasons why you may not be making any sales;
  • What could be wrong if you are NOT making any ales at all?
  • What can be the reason behind not selling MORE?
  • Why conventional marketing is not working as efficiently for fashion brands?
  • Why marketers are wrong to speak of multiple ideal client profiles and why you really ONLY have one.
  • Why do you need to tailor your marketing to the three types of customers you will have at any one time?
  • and much, much more…

Resources Mentioned:

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