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E68: How to Be the Best Fashion CEO for Your Brand

Just because you started your brand and it is your “baby” doesn’t mean that you know or have the skills to grow it and make it profitable.

And unless it is profitable and operated in a way that allows it to grow – you will be stuck in a hamster wheel feeling exhausted and frustrated.

So here is what you or your fashion CEO needs to do in your business to ensure you end up with the fashion brand that you envisioned and want to have.


  • The 3 key roles a business fashion CEO must fulfil
  • Why are they important
  • Should you be the fashion CEO of your own brand and business?

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Dessy is the author of Become a Fashion Insider book and the founder of Fashion Insiders & Co – an online platform supporting fashion and creative entrepreneurs who are in the process of launching and growing purpose-driven brands. (Buy the book here: )

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