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E42: Melanie Potro: A Proper Clothing Fit Is the Most Important Aspect of Style

We all want to look and feel great. there are countless ways in which we are told we can achieve this. One less talked about sure-way to looking your best however is to do with wearing the right size and fit of clothing.

Meet Melanie Potro – a classically trained dressmaker, couturier, and now style confidante to women entrepreneurs who is on a quest to teach us how to get to know our bodies better. Accepting that we are not symmetrical and learning how to measure ourselves so that we can find the right fit and size of clothing can be liberating.

Episode Notes
In this episode discover:

  • How Melanie got her start in the fashion industry and her unusual journey in and out of fashion until today.
  • Why knowing the correct size measurements are important in the fashion industry and can help build a better brand
  • Why it is important to know intimately our bodies and how to take measurements
Episode Takeaways:
  • “We are not built symmetrically like a tailors dummy”
  • Creating corsets is like making sculptures. It is a form of paying homage to the female body”

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