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Part 1: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to first sketch

design process

Ever thought of starting a fashion label? Many do – every day and as soon as they think about it, their heads get inundated with questions… Questions about the design process in general like… Do ideas come from inspiration or from materials? What is the best way to go about designing a collection?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Shopping Size Wise  

reduce carbon footprint shop size wise

Every day, the average person creates enough waste to fill a trash truck. That means that you’re responsible for producing around 4 pounds of garbage per day! As more people turn to their computers or smartphones for purchases, now is the right time to shop sustainably. Choosing to purchase clothes online without increasing your eco-footprint […]

E50: Become A Fashion Insider (The Book)

become a fashion insider book

Become A Fashion Insider (The Book) is OUT! After years of thinking about it and hoping I will discover another book on the topic (and I didn’t) I sat down and wrote my own. This book presents the vital information creative entrepreneurs and brand founders need in order to launch and build a successful brand. […]

E49: Uncover Your Money Blocks & Grow Your Creativity & Wealth with Polly Alexandre

money blocks mindset

Uncover Your Money Blocks & Grow Your Creativity & Wealth with Polly Alexandre Polly Alexandre started her professional career in the fashion industry, but that was just the beginning… She soon realised that as much as she loved fashion, perhaps the job she was doing wasn’t the right one for her. Perhaps there were other […]

E48: Unlock Real Change, Confidence & Your Style Power with Alma Barrero

style power book alma barrero

More Invaluable Fashion Insiders Resources: Fashion Insiders & Co official website: Instagram: @fashioninsidersco Discover more great content on our YouTube channel. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a 5*star* rating and a review on iTunes – it helps us get this podcast discovered by more listeners just like yourself. Thank you. To […]

E46: How to Turn Your Fashion Website Into a Growth Engine with Lily Hattingh

Fashion Website Into a Growth Engine

How to Turn Your Fashion Website Into a Growth Engine with Lily Hattingh Lily Hattingh is one-half of the Mojo Media Agency – a boutique media company that works closely with small eCommerce business owners who are looking to grow their business or in a need of little extra mojo to take their business to […]

E45: Kate Hills: The secret to Made in Britain manufacturing

make it british garment manufacturing

Kate Hills, the founder of Make It British is perhaps the best-known British manufacturing champion. Over the last decade or so, she has challenged creatives to think differently about Made in Britain manufacturing and strategically plan for making on local soil. She has supported British manufacturers by highlighting their plight and bringing awareness to the […]

E44: How to overcome perfectionism and be a mentor to your creative brain

how to overcome perfectionism and procrastination

While most of us procrastinate from time to time, creatives often take procrastination to a whole new level and turn it into perfectionism.  Perfectionism, in turn, drives us mad and makes us feel incomplete, never quite good enough, and robs us of any joy creativity may bring. Sound familiar? This is the topic of this […]

E43: Everything Leads to Something with Luxury Accessories Fashion Brand Furious Goose


Everything Leads to Something with Luxury Accessories Fashion Brand Furious Goose Meet  Patrick Morrison – a trained artist, turned branding and graphic design consultant, turned chief of Everything at  Furious Goose – a luxury silk scarf and accessories fashion brand. Over the last five-plus years of growing his business and even personal brand, he has […]

E41: 7 Fashion Business Lessons to Help You Grow Your Brand

Fashion Business Lessons

7 Fashion Business Lessons to Help You Grow Your Brand Every fashion designer and creative entrepreneur who goes into business for themselves and spends time and (a lot of) money building a brand wants it to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Every single one of them will encounter the same set of challenges along the […]

E39: The ODD Fashion Clothing Factory with Karishma Kapur

Fashion Clothing Factory

Fashion clothing manufacturing is a key process in the lifecycle of launching and growing a product-based brand. Often mismanaged, rarely given its dues – fashion manufacturing is the Cinderella of the fashion industry.  It does all the heavy lifting and hard work for fashion brands large and small but is always mistreated. With all the […]

E38: How Sarah Haran turned a handbag hobby into a successful brand story

luxury leather handbag fashion brand story success

How Sarah Haran turned a handbag hobby into a successful brand story We often hear stories about fashion brands whose founders made a successful transition from a past career into a fashion successful brand story. But imagine having recently left a high-paying job to dedicate yourself and grow a hobby into a business and then […]

E36: Hayat Rachi: How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand

feminist lingerie fashion brand Hayat Rachi

How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand and sell it in 6 years. It is not often that we hear success stories involving small fashion brands, single female founder-owned and that sold successfully in a matter of a few years. But these stories exist and today we get to hear firsthand about it. Meet […]

E35: Honesty and Contacts are the Secrets to Sustainable Fabric Sourcing

sourcing sustainable fabrics

Honesty and Contacts are the Secrets to  Sustainable Fabric Sourcing Meet Ngaire Takano – is a sustainable fabric sourcing expert.  She helps fashion brands source and develops products rooted in sustainable practices. During the conversation, we speak about the fashion industry as a large and the issues that exist in contradiction to the bigger goal […]

E33: 5 Reasons Not to Discount Your Products

reasons not to discount your products

5 Reasons Not to Discount Your Products Everybody loves a bargain – but what benefit or damage can this bring is the question. Lowering prices — also known as discounting — might seem like a great way to turn heads and generate interest in your fashion brand and bring in much-needed sales, and in many […]

E32: How to grow & scale a sustainable fashion business with Darryl Bannon

sustainable fashion brand

Creating a successful fashion brand means that you need to focus on creating a sustainable fashion business. Creating a sustainable fashion business means that you need to know the fundamentals of creating, building, growing, and scaling a business. In this second instalment (see ep.30 for Part 1) of a conversation with business consultant Darryl Bannon […]

E31: How to Speak to Investors

how to speak to investors fashion insiders podcast

Knowing how to speak to investors is what every entrepreneur must know. Funding the growth of your fashion business eventually will require you to raise capital. Inspired by watching a creative jewellery duo pitch the investors on Dragons Den, this is a follow-up episode to episode 30. In this episode we demystify the world of […]

E30: Ways to Finance Your Fashion Business from Start Up to Scale Up

The biggest cause for fashion brands to fail before they have even launched or later down the line and cease trading is a lack of finances. Building a fashion brand is not cheap and having enough to cover day-to-day operations and cover development and production for two seasons at any one time is essential. But […]

E28: Overcoming procrastination with Selina Man Karlsson

overcoming procrastination Selina Man Karlsson

As creative entrepreneurs we often feel overwhelmed with the myriad of tasks and jobs we have to do and hats we have to wear.  Many creatives are also sensitive and actively (even when they do not realize it) avoid tasks and jobs that deplete them of energy, leave them upset, exhausted, and feeling unworthy. Sometimes, […]

E27: The challenge of growing a premium purpose-driven brand (Live coaching call)

growing a premium purpose driven brand

Launching and growing a fashion brand is a lonely process. Particularly as a solo founder going to market and growing a premium purpose-driven brand. Today’s episode is unusual in as much as it is a recording of a live coaching session with one such fashion female founder – Joanna Blein – founder of Feel Good Couture premium clothing brand […]

E26: The Challenge of Finding the Right Fashion Manufacturer (Part 2)

No matter how long you may have been in the fashion industry and the level of success you have as a business, if you are a product-based brand you will be having manufacturing problems somewhere along the line.  Often these challenges are self-inflicted and can to a great degree prevented if proper selection and checks […]

E25: These 6 Brand Positioning Mistakes Are Keeping You Stuck

Fashion Brand Positioning

If you are frustrated that your brand is not growing faster, you might be making one or more fashion brand positioning mistakes. In this episode, Karolina Barnes is jumping in with Dessy and discussing what is “fashion brand positioning” and what are the most common mistakes brands make that is keeping them stuck. Mentioned Resources: […]

E24: The Challenge of Finding the Right Manufacturer (Part 1)

fashion manufacturing podcast

Fashion manufacturing is challenging at the best of times, but when you are first starting out – it can easily seem like the biggest challenge in your way to launching and success. We look into the reasons why this is and what future brand entrepreneurs can do to help themselves in the process of finding […]

E23: Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics with Charlie Bradley Ross

offset warehouse sourcing sustainable fabrics

Many graduate designers encounter challenges along the way of making it in the fashion industry that often leads them to set up a business that aims to solve the very problem they faced. One such fashion entrepreneur is Charlie Brandley Ross who is the founder of Offset Warehouse and the Sustainable Fashion Collective. Episode Notes: […]

E22: Edwina Huang: The answer to fashion sustainability is scalability

edwina huang phoenxt fashion insiders podcast

  What can you do if you know that the world can be your oyster and you are passionate about fashion and sustainability? In the case of our guest – Edwina Huang creating a solution to an age-old problem was the answer. As the founder of Phoenxt fabric technology company,  she turns waste fabrics into beautiful new fabrics.  […]

E21: Fashion Marketing 101: Is Your Fashion Brand a Painkiller or a Vitamin?

fashion marketing basics podcast

If you want to do a great fashion marketing job for your brand and generate more sales, no matter the economic climate – you need to know what purpose your brand and products are servicing. Why should people buy your brands’ products and not a competitor? Why should they buy your brand or product right […]

E20: Katie Deming MD, Founder of MakeMerry sensitive skin bra brand

sensitive skin bra

E20: Katie Deming MD, Founder of MakeMerry sensitive skin bra brand “Sometimes we are positioned to see a need that no one else is seeing” – these are the words of oncologist Katie Deming MD who turned her hand at fashion entrepreneurship in order to solve an unmet need of her clients for sensitive skin […]

E19: 3 common mistakes to avoid if you want to create a successful fashion business

mistakes to avoid to create a successful fashion business

What sets successful businesses apart from the not-so-successful ones is not the money they had to begin with or the quality and the ideas they built a business upon, but their ability to identify and recover from mistakes. Episode Notes In this episode, Dessy shares the three biggest mistakes she has identified that she’s made […]

E18: Catherine Erdly: Fashion Retail Strategy for Growth

Fashion Retail Strategy for Growth Meet Catherine Erdly – a fashion retail specialist passionate about helping creatives get comfortable with numbers. Because let’s face it – numbers don’t lie and if you don’t know your numbers – you won’t be in business for the long term. Episode Notes: In the course of the conversation, the […]

E17: 5 Ideas on How to Turn Fashion Deadstock Into Cash

deatstock fashion excess stock top tips

How to Turn Fashion Deadstock Into Cash Leftover stock in any shape or form is deadstock. Literally! It sits on a shelf, clothes rail, or under a table gathering dust. Yet – it cost you money, to begin with, to acquire. We all know that … Cash is king. Building a fashion brand and business […]

E16: Kerry Wilde: From Fast Fashion to Style with Soul

kerry wilde soul stylist

Can you come home to yourself through style?  Can you rediscover your feminine powers by making better choices with what you chose to wear and? Can you style with soul? YES, yes, and yes according to soul stylist Kerry Wilde. Episode Notes In this lively chat with Kerry, we talk about how to style with […]

E15: Unfolding the fashion retail industry with Cally Russell

fashion retail industry cally russell

This is Unfolded is a new “brand” and a new form of shopping rolled into one. Though the concept is not new, the way the founders are doing retail is challenging the fashion retail industry for sure. Interested to know more….? OK – here is some more… Episode notes: The team behind This is Unfolded […]

E:14 Designer Lora Gene: Shift focus & stay in your own fashion story

lora gene sustainable brand

Lora Gene is the creative force and founder behind the eponymous womenswear brand Lora Gene. What started organically has evolved into a true purpose-driven brand with a real focus on the customer and, in particular,  the well-being and comfort of the many women who love the brand. Episode notes:  how she got her start in […]

E13: The business of zero-waste fashion with Bhaavya Goenka

Bhaavya Goenka fashion revolution india zero waste fashion

As part of our support for the cause championed by Fashion Revolution we meet and interview Bhaavya Goenka – the founder behind the zero-waste Indian brand Iro Iro. Bhaavya is also the regional leader for Fashion Revolution India, Jaipur chapter, and is active in her community in promoting sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Episode Notes During […]

E12: Joey Pringle: Making an impact as a vegan handbag manufacturer

joey pringle veshin vegan factory

Creative entrepreneurs are often known to take creative career turns and go down roads less travelled. One such story is recounted here by Joey Pringle – an industrial designer who became a handbag designer, only to leave it all behind and become a sustainable vegan handbag manufacturer in China. And not just any vegan handbag […]

E11: Why fashion brands must stop calling themselves “sustainable”

sustainable fashion brand

“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips and brains, yet almost everyone calling their brand “sustainable” fashion brand is effectively “greenwashing”.  Regardless of the size, regardless of what and how much they are doing. If you are working on launching your brand or already in business and calling your brand “sustainable” then you need to stop and […]

E10: How fashion copywriting can grow your brand and generate more sales

fashion copywriting

Katie Ramsingh is a fashion copywriter specializing in writing copy for fashion brands that target the Gen Z and Millennial market. Having worked with some of the world’s most influential and exciting fashion brands (Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Farfetch, The Body Shop, Rimmel), she knows firsthand how good fashion copywriting can convert browsers into buyers. […]

E9: Thinking of launching your brand soon? Don’t!

fashion brand launch

The concept of “launches” is broken. Executing a product or collection launch is not for everyone and often doesn’t work. Particularly if you are a small brand and really think you need to “launch”. Product or collection launch is good for the big brands who know how to organize a launch and how to make […]

E8: Who should you work with – specialists or generalists?

You may think it is an easy one but you’d be surprised how many fashion entrepreneurs knowingly or unknowingly opt to work with the wrong kind of professional. Then – is it any wonder that they don’t get what they asked and paid for? There is a saying that goes ” you get what you […]

E7: Three Post-Pandemic Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2021 and Beyond

The fashion industry is forever changed as a result of 2020. Some of the new post-pandemic fashion trends emerging will have a long-lasting effect, others will be temporary. Either way, those brands that are agile and able to adapt, will be the ones to come out of this latest economic downturn stronger and some even […]

E6: Lorenzo de Leo: Luxury Leathergoods Manufacturing

Lorenzo de Leo: Luxury Leathergoods Manufacturing Every designer’s dream is to find a manufacturer that they can trust, who knows and cares just as much as them about the creative process and that is only a phone call away. Well – meet Lorenzo de Leo – he is just that. Passionate about luxury leathergoods manufacturing, […]

E5: Can Clubhouse app revolutionise the fashion industry?

clubhouse app

Clubhouse app – the new audio social network taking the online world by storm has the potential to bring about change in the fashion industry in ways that no other social media platform so far has managed to. What is ClubHouse app? Can it really be a game-changer for an industry as tough to crack […]

E4: Changing career intuitively with leather designer maker Candice Lau

Meet Candice Lau – a graphic designer who followed her intuition and interests, which led her to change her career and become a leather craftwoman. In this episode, you will discover: – how Candice started – how she has managed to grow her business – what she is working on now and much more. You […]

E3: Why finding a manufacturer is so hard

Despite how much information can be found online, it is as hard as ever, for fashion entrepreneurs to find a good manufacturing partner to work with.  More often than not, this is due to fashion creatives not knowing how to do proper research, how to communicate what they are looking for and what criteria to […]

E2: 3 Key Steps to Fashion Brand Success in 2021

As we grapple with pandemic-charged change in the fashion industry, as well as, in business and society in general – the fashion market has become even more saturated and easily accessible. 2020 saw many big brands fail and countless new fashion startups. How many of them will survive? What will it take for them to […]

E1: Quick Introduction

E1 Quick Introduction Hey there! Welcome to the very first episode of the Fashion Insiders Podcast with Dessy. After much time planning and thinking about it – this podcast is finally here and out in the world. A very personal project and an audio journal of sorts – this fashion podcast is for struggling fashion […]

Pattern Cutter Renée Lacroix: London Pattern Bureau

pattern cutter Renée Lacroix interview

Renée Lacroix is Canadian born, London based pattern cutter extraordinaire. Having originally studied back in Canada for over 6 years, focusing on womenswear design and technical/pattern cutting skills, she came to London and set up London Pattern Bureau in 2015.

The importance of ethical clothing: a quality product and a clear conscience


Buying ethical clothing and talking about ethical fashion has become the “in” thing of our generation. But what does it mean? What makes clothes ethical? Few ask the question let alone look into the process and meaning of this modern-day term so many feel so passionate about. The truth is, ethical clothing is not something […]

How Colours Affect Consumer Buying Behaviour

colours affect consumer buying behaviour

How marketers can employ colours to affect customers’ emotions and behaviour. Let’s find out how colours affect consumer buying behaviour. Almost 93% of people decide whether or not they should make a purchase based on colours. The reason? Humans are visual beings. >>> This article has been represented in the form of an infographic below […]

4 Popular Ways to Become a Jewellery Designer

If you’re looking to become a jewellery designer, there are plenty of ways to go about achieving your goal. While there’s no one “right” way to ensure success, there are several early career options for aspiring designers who are looking to make their mark on the jewellery industry. How do you decide which route to […]

Create Better Fashion Brand Video with These 6 Helpful Tools

Social media videos are a successful and professional way of delivering messages and keeping your network informed of what you are doing. Creating viral video content is on every marketer’s priority list. If you make well-thought information in a dynamic and fun way in your videos, for sure it will be memorable. Videos aren’t that […]

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Fast Fashion

avoid fast fashion

We can’t all afford the designer styles we see on celebrities and runway models. So, we often settle for cheap alternatives. Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for affordable clothing – and we’re not talking money-wise. Much like fast food, fast fashion was made to cater to those on a budget as a quick and […]

Parasel: An Insider’s Look into Hardware Development

hardware development

Tom James – the  London based founder of Parasel – a bespoke hardware development and sourcing company speaks to Fashion Insider & Co and lifts the lid on a fashion industry segment not much is known or spoken about. Hardware accessories! We all love them and they often contribute significantly to our buying decisions. But […]

How to Select the Best Fashion Fair to Show at?

best fashion fair to show at

The Fashion Fair used to be all about selling. But it is now much more difficult to actually take an order at a Fashion Fair as they have now become marketing exercises and not sales events.

“Double Double” by Cameron Herold

double double business book camerol herold

“Double Double” by Cameron Herold is a business book full of ‘unexpected’ lessons. The premise behind it, that if you followed the basic teaching of it, you will double your business in three years.

How to Find the Right Factory to Make Your Product


How to find a factory to make your product? A common question anyone looking to turn their fashion idea into a reality will ask countless times. Not because it is hard to find contacts these days, but simply because the prospect of contacting a manufacturer, whether by phone or through email, for the first time can be a scary one.

Cut Make and Trim (CMT) vs Fully Factored (FF) Fashion Manufacturing

CMT manufacturing

As a fashion designer, exploring the options in regards to manufacturing, there are many things to consider. One of the hardest and most important decisions would be how to get your bulk production made. Learn how successful brands do it and the two most widely used methods they work to.

Top Tips for Showing your Brand at the Fashion Trade Show


Fashion trade shows are a great opportunity for a new designer brand to announce its arrival on the fashion scene. For those more established, exhibiting at trade shows is just another way to access new national and international buyers.

What is a Critical Path and Why your Business Needs it?

critical path

What is a critical path in fashion? It is a continuously reviewed system, which is used to track the progress of fashion projects and production deliveries. A production plan that contains a list of all of the necessary activities that are required to be done within a particular time frame.

Part 2: The Fashion Design Process from Idea to First Sketch

fashion design process

Wanting to launch your own fashion brand is on the wish list of many fashionistas. While many dream about it, only a few get to see their idea realised on paper. The fashion design process takes time and what may have seemed like a simple idea at the start turns into Pandora’s box.

How to Excel at Fashion Wholesale with Your Brand

fashion wholesale

Once you make the decision to go into fashion wholesale with your products, to shops, you will need to ensure that you have all of the necessary supporting materials. These include sales items and selling information packs.

The easy guide to Fashion Sampling

Whether you are new to the industry or seasoned professional, embarking on product fashion sampling is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the design process. 

Tech Pack vs Specification Sheet – What’s the difference?

tech pack

As a designer in the fashion industry, it’s a necessity to deal with factories and manufacturers. Knowing the difference between Specification sheet and Spec pack (often referred to as Tech Pack) and using them to your advantage can make or break your business.

The importance of Quality Control in fashion manufacturing


Quality control in the fashion manufacturing industry is incredibly important. Failing to maintain certain standards can lead to all sorts of problems, especially for a start-up company. Without a track record for selling your products, buyers who do invest in you will expect perfection. But what exactly is Quality Control? Simply put, it is a […]

Turn an idea into a finished product

finished product utelier process

While in the past one may have had an idea and not done much about it, today – we have an idea and we know we have infinite possibilities to make it happen.

What is a Fashion Spec Sheet and why you need one?

If in architecture you cannot build a good building without a blueprint, in the fashion you cannot create a product without a Specification sheet. Let’s learn all about Fashion Spec Sheet in this article.

What is a Fashion Tech Pack and why do you need one?


No matter how amazing your fashion product design may be, without a Tech Pack, and with no experience or knowledge of the industry, most factories will not take you seriously, deal with you or if they do, you will face countless problems. And yet so few fashion entrepreneurs know about it or know how to put one together.

The art of modern day bespoke eyewear manufacturing

bespoke eyewear manufacturing

Eyewear Designer and Fashion Insiders Specialist Sandra Battistel met with Raffaele Ricciuti, the owner of 1955, a small, yet highly artisanal eyewear factory in the South of Italy, near Potenza and discussed the eyewear manufacturing business.

How to Ensure Your Business is Cyber-Secure

utelier-How to-Ensure-Your-Business-is-Cyber-Secure

As a fashion business owner, there are more than just deals and a workspace to secure at the end of your working day. You also need to make sure that you are cyber-secure, Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans shares his advice on how to do so.

Crowdfunding from a Legal Perspective

Utelier - fashion start-ups - crowdfunding fashion start-ups - a legal perspective - counterfeiting

If you are considering crowdfunding to launch your fashion product, there are a number of legal issues that should be considered before trying to raise money through a crowdfunding platform. Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans shares his advice to keep you ahead of the game (most of the points are relevant to Equity Crowdfunding).

Legally Preparing for Investment

utelier blog - legally preparing for investment

Many fashion start-ups seek out investors in order to grow their businesses, but there is a lot that you need to know about investment. Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans has the key information that you need to know.

Joanne Edwards Millinery: Getting Ahead

joanne edwards millinery

Joanne Edwards was working as a designer when she felt the strong need to get back to making things with her hands. This led her to found her brand Joanne Edwards Millinery.

The Law and the Employment Contract

utelier fashion law and employment contract

Being a fashion start-up business owner means that you need to wear a lot of hats, and one of the most challenging to make fit, is the legal hat. So this week, Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans explains what issues need to be addressed regarding employment contracts.

Anti-Competitive Arrangements Explained – Part 2

utelier-fashion-anti-competitive arrangements

In his last article, Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans explained what anti-competitive arrangements mean for you. This week he explains vertical agreements and how fashion businesses can be affected by them.

Anti-Competitive Arrangements Explained – Part 1


The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced that it had opened an investigation into suspected ‘anti-competitive arrangements’ in the UK clothing, footwear and fashion sectors. Tahir Basheer, an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm Sheridans, explains what that means for you.

Brand Policing & IP Rights Infringement

Utelier - legal corner - brand policing & IP infringement

Tahir Basheer of law firm Sheridans uses an example of a trademark infringement case to explain why brand owners should have a brand enforcement strategy in place.

Becoming a Franchisee of a Fashion Business

Utelier - Becoming a Franchisee of a Fashion Business

In his previous article How to Franchise from a Legal Perspective, Tahir Basheer discussed franchising, specifically from the franchisor’s perspective – i.e. the brand owner. But what about guidelines for the franchisee?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

Utelier advantages and disadvantages of franchising

A franchise is a major decision for a business to make, here Tahir Basheer outlines the main advantages and disadvantages of a franchise business model from the perspective of the brand owner (i.e the franchisor).

Interview with Legal Expert Annabelle Gauberti

Utelier - legal fashion advice - Annabelle Gauberti

Legal advice is the one thing that every fashion brand needs but not everyone can afford or makes time for – particularly for young designers and fashion start-up brands. Utelier aims to make sure that fashion professionals are as informed as possible.

Expert Advice on Using Fashion Agents

Utelier - fashion agents

Tahir Basheer – an Industry member specialising in fashion and media law for leading London-based law firm, Sheridans – offers expert legal advice on using agents to sell your products for you.

How to choose a legal structure for your business


Making the decision to start your own business is the first of MANY that you will have to make during its lifetime. The decisions that you make in the early stages are of the utmost importance, so take time and professional advice where necessary and make the right choices.

Counterfeiting and the Fashion Industry

Utelier - fashion start-ups - crowdfunding fashion start-ups - a legal perspective - counterfeiting

For a long time, counterfeiting had been considered a necessary evil, especially in the luxury and fashion spheres, but its exponential surge has become such a threat that various business stakeholders are now reacting faster and meaner to contain this epidemic.

Insley & Nash – The Printing Maestros


Nestled in south-east London, in an arch underneath rail tracks, is the creative home of Insley & Nash. Inside, the fashion duo specialise in printing techniques that many printers will not even consider undertaking.