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E40: Craig Lewis: Why using Pinterest for fashion brands is the best marketing strategy for growth.

Why using Pinterest for fashion brands is the best marketing strategy for growth.

If you are frustrated with social media and do not see the kind of ROI you’d expect given the amount of time you spend creating and posting content online – then you are not wrong. Social Media Marketing is not what it used to be unless you are advertising.

The alternative is making better use of search engines. And Pinterest in particular – given that it is a visual image-based platform.

Episode Notes:

In this episode we speak to Craig Lewis – a Pinterest agency founder and Pinterest approved partner who helps e-commerce brands grow their businesses the smart way and get a solid ROI of x2-4 times of their investment consistently. He shares tips and information why using Pinterest for fashion brands and e-commerce product businesses is the best marketing strategy right now.

Hear first hand from Craig about:

  • Why Pinterest is the platform to be and focus on as a fashion brand
  • How the longevity of pins vs other social media platforms compares
  • Why Pinterest demographics of active users is well-positioned for fashion brands to exploit
  • How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and sales
  • Most common mistakes made, and tips on how to correct them
  • How to work with a marketing agency and ensure you get results
  • Craig’s best advice for growing your brand with Pinterest

Key Takeaways:

  • Pinterest is a search engine just like Google and YouTube. People spend time on it searching for products and information with the intent to purchase often.
  • Pinterest as a business has repositioned to attract and service primarily product-based e-commerce businesses and is optimizing the search engine to generate maximum results for its users.
  • Pinterest works best when there is a clear intent set behind the pinned photos and boards created.

Resources Mentioned:

Pin&Grow agency website:
Connect with Craig via LinkedIn

The Strategic Brand Positioning Program teaches fashion brand founders how to position their brands correctly on the market for maximum growth, exposure, and profit.

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