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E39: The ODD Fashion Clothing Factory with Karishma Kapur

Fashion clothing manufacturing is a key process in the lifecycle of launching and growing a product-based brand. Often mismanaged, rarely given its dues – fashion manufacturing is the Cinderella of the fashion industry.  It does all the heavy lifting and hard work for fashion brands large and small but is always mistreated.

With all the recent focus on local manufacturing and the focus on large brands misusing overseas apparel factories and leaving them stranded with cancelled orders, it is easy to forget that offshore manufacturing also includes small businesses delivering invaluable services to the fashion industry.  Not every brand is able to afford to work locally and pay fair local labour prices. Equally not all overseas factories are large operations, serving fast fashion and employing cheap labour.

In this candid conversation, we meet Karishma Kapur – a fashion clothing factory founder from Mumbai, India who runs a small apparel factory working with female-run, independent clothing brands. Unlike most manufacturers, Karishma has her own passions and business mission that she was woven into the business activities of her business.

Episode notes:
In this episode discover:

  • How Karishma set up a fashion clothing factory by herself and how she started;
  • What is it like to run a fashion clothing factory in Asia and the challenges most creative entrepreneurs do not see or understand take place;
  • How she has chosen to be different from the mainstream manufacturing landscape and what makes her stand out;
  • The reality of fashion manufacturing
  • Karishma’s appeal to fashion creative entrepreneurs

and much more…

Connect with Karishma Kapur and the ODD Factory:
Instagram:  @theoddfactory

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