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E38: How Sarah Haran turned a handbag hobby into a successful brand story

How Sarah Haran turned a handbag hobby into a successful brand story

We often hear stories about fashion brands whose founders made a successful transition from a past career into a fashion successful brand story. But imagine having recently left a high-paying job to dedicate yourself and grow a hobby into a business and then the pandemic takes over.

For many, this has spelled the end for their brands. For others – like Sarah Haran – the pandemic offered an opportunity for growth and expansion. In fact, she pivoted slightly and created a successful brand story for herself and her luxury multifunctional leather handbags brand.

Discover first hand how Sarah grew her brand over the last 18 months and how she used the pandemic to reposition her brand entirely and find a whole new level of business success.

Episode notes:

  • Learn what made Sarah leave a successful career and launch her own leather handbag brand;
  • What made her brand different and how she had planned to grow it pre-pandemic;
  • What she learned about her ideal customer and how she adapted on the basis of this knowledge;
  • The role of creating and nurturing a community has had on her business bottom line;
  • How she plans to grow her brand in the future and her new customer acquisition strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • “Every day is a (fashion business) new school day”
  • Look UP and OUT of the fashion industry to get fresh new ideas and business knowledge;
  • Focus on one channel and stick with it – do not jump around and chase other great ideas too soon and too fast.


Connect with Sarah Haran:

Instagram @sarahharanuk