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E36: Hayat Rachi: How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand

How to grow a feminist lingerie fashion brand and sell it in 6 years.

It is not often that we hear success stories involving small fashion brands, single female founder-owned and that sold successfully in a matter of a few years. But these stories exist and today we get to hear firsthand about it.

Meet Hayat Rachie – a young ambitious woman who after getting fired from yet another job – decided to create a job for herself, launch a feminist lingerie fashion brand of her own that will allow her to express her talents on her own terms. If this is not enough, she also set upon herself to be the disruptor in an industry she didn’t know much about and change women’s lives along the way.

For some, this may be a risk too far. A form of gambling many may not be willing to take. But Hayat was fearless and did take the risk to gamble the little she had and it paid off.

Episode Notes:

In this episode discover:

  • How she started a feminist lingerie fashion brand and what her brand “Neon Moon” stood for and was about;
  • What was the defining factor that contributed in a big way to her feminist lingerie brand’s ultimate success;
  • How she built and nurtured a feminist lingerie tribe around her brand and why that was important;
  • Why manufacturing was one of her greatest challenges and examples of how she overcame those;
  • The importance of having good mentors and support network and the best advice she got from them;

….and so so so much more.

This is an incredible value-packed episode. Grab a pen and paper and enjoy the story you are about to hear.

Connect with Hayat:

Twitter: @hayatrachi
Linked In: @hayatrachi

Key Takeaways:

“The success of a brand lies with the person who started it”

“Our customers were like investors to us. They invested in our brand by purchasing our products and we kept them updated and involved in our progress as a brand just like we will keep investors in the loop”


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