sourcing sustainable fabrics

Honesty and Contacts are the Secrets to  Sustainable Fabric Sourcing

Meet Ngaire Takano – is a sustainable fabric sourcing expert.  She helps fashion brands source and develops products rooted in sustainable practices.

During the conversation, we speak about the fashion industry as a large and the issues that exist in contradiction to the bigger goal of creating a sustainable fashion ecosphere.

Episode Notes:

  • Why sourcing for fabrics online can be so hard and what to do instead
  • Why certifications might be killing the manufacturing industry
  • What fabrics are good to use and why bamboo is not as good as we may think it is
  • How to create collections and fashion brands responsibly and sustainably


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Instagram: @_ngairetakano/
LinkedIn: ngairetakano

Learn more about how to source fabrics HERE 

5 Important Reasons for Sourcing Materials at Fashion Trade Shows

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