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34: Superfit Hero: Changing lives through a community driven purpose led fashion brand

Superfit Hero is an American activewear brand unlike any other.

Founded in 2015 by Micki Krimmel, the brand emerged from her experience as a competitive roller derby player and athlete. Her sports activities and experiences re-shaped her attitude towards her own body to a point where she wanted to help others feel the same. The answer for her came in the shape of launching a  “body-positive, size-inclusive fitness brand with a mission to empower women.” After crowdfunding the brand’s launch, and armed with a few years’ worth of customer data and strong community feedback, Micki pivoted to offer exclusively activewear to plus sizes L to 7XL.

“I created Superfit Hero to exist as an alternative, a fitness brand that celebrates bodies as they are, not as they ‘should be,” said Krimmel in a statement.

Episode Notes:

In this riveting and candid conversation with Micki Krimmel, the CEO and Founder, and Carrie Beth Langham, Superfit Hero’s Product Lead, discover:

– What inspired Micki to launch an activewear brand aimed at plus size female athletes and why she wasn’t scared to niche down to what may seem like a tiny target market;
– What challenges did she face, to begin with, and how she managed to survive through 2020 which brought unexpected challenges;
– What makes SuperFit Hero’s product so special and the lengths Micki and Carrie Beth go through to ensure the fit is perfect and the quality unrivaled;
–  How they are creating and scaling a brand by leveraging the power of a mighty, loyal community;
– Discover how the deep purpose on which the brand is founded drives the business forward, so much so that big brands – unable to compete are copying while large retailers courting Superfit Hero.
– and much much more….


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