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E32: How to grow & scale a sustainable fashion business with Darryl Bannon

Creating a successful fashion brand means that you need to focus on creating a sustainable fashion business.

Creating a sustainable fashion business means that you need to know the fundamentals of creating, building, growing, and scaling a business.

In this second instalment (see ep.30 for Part 1) of a conversation with business consultant Darryl Bannon we delve into:

Episode Notes

  • What is the difference between “growth” and “scale” when it comes to building a thriving sustainable fashion brand business?
  • Why it is important to have people of value in your business and to document and create systems;
  • What holds fashion brands up when they think they are ready to bring in investors onboard?
  • What you need to be aware of when building a sustainable fashion brand business.
  • Why pre-sale is a good business model to develop.
  • Are all successful brands really “successful”? What are some of the signs that some brands may be struggling and all is not well?
  • How brands stay relevant to new generations of customers;
  • Can you grow a successful business if you are not profitable as a business?

… and much more.

Mentioned Resources:

Online Accounting systems: QuickbooksXero

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Becoming Halston series (Netflix)

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