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E45: Kate Hills: The secret to Made in Britain manufacturing

Kate Hills, the founder of Make It British is perhaps the best-known British manufacturing champion. Over the last decade or so, she has challenged creatives to think differently about Made in Britain manufacturing and strategically plan for making on local soil.

She has supported British manufacturers by highlighting their plight and bringing awareness to the issues faced by the Made in Britain manufacturing businesses in the UK.

Episode Notes
In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Kate got her start in the fashion industry and what fuels her passion for Made in Britain manufacturing;
  • How the pandemic and Brexit have impacted and disrupted the garment and manufacturing industry in the UK;
  • What is the UK is great for and who should manufacture in the UK?
  • Why visiting factories is so important
  • How and why clear communication with factories is so important?
  • Why Kate calls herself the Celia Black of Made in Britain manufacturing (i.e. she is a matchmaker of sorts);
  • Why being organized and professional can help you when it comes to the prices manufacturers quote you;
  • Why being honest is so important in the fashion industry.

….and much more

Key Takeaways:

  • Education doesn’t value the making part of fashion but more the design part.
  • Made in Britain manufacturing means you can weave in the story of your manufacturing as part of the product story.
  • There are different pockets of manufacturing specialty within the UK but on the whole making in Britain is good for brands who want to make small volume and high quality.


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