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E44: How to overcome perfectionism and be a mentor to your creative brain

While most of us procrastinate from time to time, creatives often take procrastination to a whole new level and turn it into perfectionism.  Perfectionism, in turn, drives us mad and makes us feel incomplete, never quite good enough, and robs us of any joy creativity may bring. Sound familiar?

This is the topic of this episode and who better to speak to than Deborah Taylor – a certified hypnotherapist who is an expert in working with entrepreneurs and helping them overcome procrastination and perfectionism. She is also the author of the book “How to be a Finisher”, which is a must-read for anyone who may or may not suffer from bouts of procrastination.

Episode Notes
In this episode discover:

  • What causes perfectionism and procrastination and why we are all to a small or large degree guilty of avoiding finishing what we start.
  • When is procrastination good for us and we should not feel guilty about taking things slowly;
  • How to overcome perfectionism in life and the workplace;
  • Why the book “How to be a Finisher” is a game-changer and more than just a simple book.


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