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E43: Everything Leads to Something with Luxury Accessories Fashion Brand Furious Goose

Everything Leads to Something with Luxury Accessories Fashion Brand Furious Goose

Meet  Patrick Morrison – a trained artist, turned branding and graphic design consultant, turned chief of Everything at  Furious Goose – a luxury silk scarf and accessories fashion brand.

Over the last five-plus years of growing his business and even personal brand, he has mastered the light-hearted approach to growing a brand and found a happy medium of working hard and enjoying the success and opportunities that come as a result of his hard work even harder.

Episode Notes
In this episode discover:

  • What made Patrick launch his brand and  why he chose scarves;
  • Why he manufactures in the UK and how this helped him launch and grow his brand;
  • What manufacturing challenges he experienced and how he manages the manufacturing process;
  • What is his sales model and how he is building his luxury accessories fashion brand
  • How he has used the wholesale retail method as a strategy to grow his business
  • Why PR is challenging “nut to crack”
  • How to network and build relationships strategically
  • What he will do differently if he started all over again
  • What was the biggest mistake he made that he wouldn’t make again
  • The importance of having your brand coherent across all touchpoints and the role it plays in advertising

Connect with Patrick and discover the Furious Goose luxury accessories fashion brand:

Instagram: @furiousgoose

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