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E12: Joey Pringle: Making an impact as a vegan handbag manufacturer

Creative entrepreneurs are often known to take creative career turns and go down roads less travelled. One such story is recounted here by Joey Pringle – an industrial designer who became a handbag designer, only to leave it all behind and become a sustainable vegan handbag manufacturer in China.

And not just any vegan handbag manufacturer but he is setting up a factory founded on five sustainable core pillars focused on attracting like-minded brands and clients and creating change and impact in the fashion industry, one bag at a time.

vegan handbag manufacturer

Episode Notes

Listen to the podcast and discover how:

  • Joey got his start in the fashion industry,
  • how he met his business partner and why he decided to take on this opportunity, instead of starting his own brand,
  • the 5 core values upon which he is building a sustainable vegan accessories factory business,
  • what type of designer brands Vechin factory works with and what are the requirements they have from potential new clients

…and much more.


Connect with Joey via:

Vechin factory website:
Vechin factory Instagram:  @veshinfactory
Linked in:

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