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E11: Why fashion brands must stop calling themselves “sustainable”

“Sustainability” is on everyone’s lips and brains, yet almost everyone calling their brand “sustainable” fashion brand is effectively “greenwashing”.  Regardless of the size, regardless of what and how much they are doing.

If you are working on launching your brand or already in business and calling your brand “sustainable” then you need to stop and hear this episode of the podcast.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we cover the following:
– what it means to be “sustainable”fashion brand?
– can any fashion brand and the fashion industry be truly sustainable?
– what it means to be a sustainable fashion brand?
– how to be “sustainable” authentically
– how to grow your brand the right way

Key takeaways:

  •  Sustainability is not new and is not easy to achieve. It is a complex issue and it requires a holistic approach and strategic execution.
  •  No one brand can be 100% sustainable.
  • Radical transparency is better than sustainability.

About the host:

Dessy is the founder of Fashion Insiders & Co – an online platform supporting fashion and creative entrepreneurs who are in the process of launching and growing purpose-driven brands.

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Fashion Insiders & Co [email protected]
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Instagram: @fashioninsidersco

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